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King Arthur Was a Scot, Lived in Swamp: Historian

Amateur historian says claims proven "beyond reasonable doubt"

(Newser) - Scotland may have a new, ancient celebrity to call its own, according to an amateur historian. In a new book , Adam Ardrey claims King Arthur was actually Arthur Mac Aedan, the son of a Scottish king, whose "Camelot" was not Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, but a Scottish marsh—and... More »

King Arthur's Round Table Site Discovered

Not furniture, but a meeting spot for 1,000

(Newser) - A group of thrilled historians claim to have discovered the site of King Arthur's storied "Round Table" at an ancient Roman amphitheater in Chester, England. But the discovery is a further indication that the "Round Table" was not a mere piece of furniture, but a massive wooden and... More »

Camelot Slips Away With Kennedy

No one appears ready to take up the torch

(Newser) - A fabled political dynasty sputtered with last night's passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who left no heir apparent in the powerhouse family. Though several younger generation Kennedys are active in civic life, none packs the punch of the senator or his famous brothers. "There seems to be no one... More »

Dietrich Was Camelot's Other Woman

Sex siren enjoyed long-running affair with Kennedys

(Newser) - Marlene Dietrich had a peculiar effect on many of the world’s most accomplished and respected men: She turned them into bumbling adolescents. But the German screen siren, who entranced everyone from Frank Sinatra to Adlai Stevenson, enjoyed a special relationship with Ambassador Joseph Kennedy when their families summered together... More »

Obama Assassination Fears Are Paranoid Fantasy

Liberals imagine candidate as martyr killed by Red State America

(Newser) - Barack Obama supporters who worry about his assassination are indulging in condescending fantasy about the danger of the unwashed masses, writes Brendan O’Neill for Spiked. The so-called plot foiled in Denver never approached a real threat. But liberals are “feudal” snobs so caught up in America’s "... More »

Smart, Capable, and in Control

Ted Kennedy's wife, Victoria, is helping him recover—and could even take his job

(Newser) - She whipped Ted Kennedy's staff into action after his seizure; she brought the family to his bedside; she allowed the aging senator, diagnosed with brain cancer, to join in the traditional Cape Cod regatta on Memorial Day weekend. Victoria Reggie Kennedy, his wife of 16 years, is right by his... More »

Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

Critical nod a new blow to Clinton ahead of Super Duper Tuesday

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy, the heir to his slain brothers' Camelot ideal, will endorse Barack Obama's bid for the Oval Office tomorrow, the Boston Globe reports, ending his year-long seat on the fence and giving the candidate's surging chances a second Kennedy boost in a day. The Democratic godfather's coveted nod is... More »

Robert Goulet Dies at 73

Acclaimed crooner was awaiting a lung transplant

(Newser) - Robert Goulet, whose deep baritone and matinee-idol looks propelled him to fame in the 1960s, died yesterday while waiting for a lung transplant. Goulet, 73, became a star almost overnight when he debuted as Lancelot in the Broadway production of Camelot, the LA Times reports, and  went on to a... More »

Singer Robert Goulet Awaits Lung Transplant

Life 'hanging on the edge, but he's strong,' says wife

(Newser) - Critically ill singer Robert Goulet is sedated and on a respirator awaiting a lung transplant at a Los Angeles hospital, his wife said yesterday. A suitable donor has yet to be found, and a hospital committee has not yet determined that Goulet, 73, would make a good transplant candidate. He... More »

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