Palazzo Vecchio

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Fresco Clue Launches Hunt for Lost Da Vinci

Artist's greatest work may be hidden behind palace fresco

(Newser) - Like a mystery straight from the Da Vinci Code, an Italian palace fresco harbors a clue pointing to the existence of a hidden masterpiece, claims an art expert. Now Italian professor Maurizio Seracini has been granted permission to seek the painting considered Leonardo da Vinci's greatest work. Seracini believes the... More »

Da Vinci to Be Decoded With Neutron Beam

Expert from bestseller may find masterpiece in Florentine wall

(Newser) - An art diagnostician so inventive that he was mentioned in The Da Vinci Code—the only real-life character in the book—will beam neutrons at a wall of Florence’s famous town hall next month, hoping to uncover a hidden Leonardo fresco. Maurizio Seracini has been waiting three decades to... More »

2 Stories