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Law & Order Director Arrested for Child Porn

Jason 'Jace' Alexander faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted

(Newser) - Director Jason "Jace" Alexander worked on Law & Order over the course of 11 years. He's now getting a first-hand taste of "the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders." This is Alexander's story, according to the Westchester County District... More »

Subway Wipes Jared Fogle From Website

Longtime spokesman suspended after FBI raid

(Newser) - Jared Fogle hasn't been charged with anything, but after an FBI raid on his home yesterday, Subway didn't waste any time in cutting its ties with its longtime spokesman. The company announced that they had "mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation"—... More »

Police Raid 'Subway Guy' Jared Fogle's House

Sources say warrants served in connection with child porn investigation

(Newser) - "Subway Guy" Jared Fogle is grabbing headlines this morning over the presence of something (police) rather than an absence of something (pounds): The Indianapolis Star reports that FBI agents and state police today entered Fogle's home in Zionsville, Ind. An evidence truck was observed in the driveway. An... More »

In First, US Bishop Convicted in Porn Coverup Resigns

Missouri's Robert Finn was under pressure after failing to report priest's porn

(Newser) - Pope Francis today accepted the resignation of a US bishop who pleaded guilty to failing to report a priest suspected of child abuse in the first known case of a pope sanctioning bishops for covering up for pedophiles. The Vatican said today that Bishop Robert Finn had offered his resignation... More »

Ex-Principal: I Paid for Sex With 12,700 Women, Girls

Yuhei Takahashi allegedly kept 147K photos in 400 albums

(Newser) - Police say they've discovered a disturbing collection of 147,600 photos of women and minors in the home of an ex-principal they arrested in Japan. Yuhei Takahashi, 64—who faces child pornography charges stemming from photos he allegedly took of sex acts involving a teen in the Philippines in... More »

3 Kids Nabbed for Instagram Child Porn

Account posted nude photos, personal information of minors

(Newser) - Three youths in Florida are charged with electronic transmission of child pornography over an Instagram account that shared sexually explicit photos of minors. Two boys, 12 and 15, and a girl, 13, are accused of creating the account, which encouraged its 500 followers to "expose" their peers. Victims' names... More »

Vatican Probes Own Child-Porn Cases

(Newser) - The Vatican investigated two cases of child pornography possession in the past year, officials said yesterday. The chief prosecutor of the Vatican city state's criminal tribunal, Gian Piero Milano, cited the two cases in a speech summarizing the tribunal's work in 2014. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico... More »

200K Facebook Shares Force Suspect's Surrender

Ohio man said he couldn't take the pressure

(Newser) - After his picture was shared on Facebook almost 200,000 times, child porn suspect Jeremiah Malfroid "called his mother and said, 'I can’t take the pressure any more, I am going to turn myself in,'" authorities say. The 33-year-old, who was wanted in Ohio, surrendered... More »

Guy Tries to Hide Child Porn From Wife, Gets Busted

James Rivers charged after tech finds homemade videos on laptop

(Newser) - Apparently worried that the porn stash on his MacBook might get him in hot water with his wife, James Rivers hired a computer tech to wipe the computer. But, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports, the tech instead discovered homemade child porn hidden on Rivers' hard drive, which promptly got Rivers... More »

John Grisham: Let's Ease Up on Men Who View Child Porn

He thinks some sentences are too harsh ... but apologizes for saying so

(Newser) - John Grisham appears to have stepped in it, and has now apologized for doing so. In a recent interview with the Telegraph , the lawyer and novelist criticized America's sentencing laws—and, for some reason, decided it would be a good idea to use child pornography as an example. "... More »

Jury: Woman Downloaded Child Porn to Frame Hubby

Meri Woods faces up to 9 years and $20K in fines

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania jury convicted a woman on Wednesday of downloading child pornography onto the family computer and trying to blame it on her husband, Raw Story reports. Prosecutors said Meri Woods of Clymer, Penn., downloaded more than 40 child-pornography images, then delivered the computer to state police and tried to... More »

Guy Emailing Kid Porn Busted by ... Google

Big Brother is watching your email for illegal images

(Newser) - When registered Texas sex offender John Henry Skillern, 41, allegedly tried to email a pornographic image of a young girl to a friend, Google was watching with its email scanning software. "I can't see that information, I can't see that photo, but Google can," a detective... More »

Cops Back Off Plan to Photograph Boy's Erection

They won't serve warrant in Virginia sexting case

(Newser) - Sanity appears to have prevailed in Manassas, Virginia, where authorities had planned to chemically induce an erection in a 17-year-old boy accused of making child pornography by sending explicit photos of himself to his 15-year-old girlfriend. Police had obtained a search warrant allowing them to take photographs of the teen'... More »

Huge Bust Shows 'Dirty Old Man Stereotype' Obsolete

'Operation Broken Heart' reels in former sheriff's deputy, US Army soldier

(Newser) - "The dirty old man stereotype no longer applies." That was the pronouncement of ICE Homeland Security agent Claude Arnold yesterday, during a press conference that revealed the results of "Operation Broken Heart." Authorities announced that more than 275 people were arrested in May as part of... More »

Japan Finally Bans Child Porn Possession

But law won't cover anime, manga depictions of abuse

(Newser) - After many years as the only major industrialized country where the possession of child pornography was still legal, Japan has finally taken steps to ban it. The upper house of the country's parliament has passed a bill that will punish people found with explicit images of children with up... More »

Details of NY Child-Porn Bust Just 'Shocking'

Among those arrested: a man who secretly filmed his son's friend, 9

(Newser) - More disturbing details are emerging about this week's huge child-porn bust in the New York City area, including these: a dad secretly filmed his son's friend, 9, when she changed to go swimming; a nurse had 19 videos of kids under 13 having sex with adults, authorities say.... More »

Secret Elevator Led to Man's Huge Stash of Child Porn

Room also served as growhouse for pot

(Newser) - Another child-pornography bust in the news illustrates just how far some users will go to hide their collection. When FBI agents arrived at Kenneth E. Smith's home in Vancouver, Wash., in 2013, they had to use a hidden elevator to get to a hidden room on the second floor... More »

Rabbi, Nurse, Cop Arrested in Huge Child-Porn Sweep

Major NYC-area investigation ends with 70 arrests

(Newser) - A police officer, a paramedic, a rabbi, a nurse, and a Boy Scout leader were among those arrested in the New York City area in recent weeks as part of a sweeping investigation into the anonymous trading of child porn over the Internet. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which led a... More »

Court Tosses $3.4M Award to Child Porn Victim

But it upholds her right to collect something from everyone with her images

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today agreed that people caught with child pornography must pay their victims some kind of financial restitution. But it did so while throwing out a $3.4 million award granted to a woman known as "Amy" whose abuse as a child has been widely distributed in... More »

400-Pound Cop Stalked Boys as Teen Girl Online

He persuaded boys to send him sexual images

(Newser) - Teenage boys beware: That girl you're chatting to on Facebook could be a man—it could even be a 400-pound, 6-foot-3 police Florida officer like Sgt. Michael Stavris. Authorities say the officer posed as a teenage girl online, promising teen boys oral sex in return for pictures of their... More »

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