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Russia Moves to Ban Swearing in Movies

Measure clears lower house of parliament

(Newser) - Invasion of a neighboring country ? Fine. Laws against "homosexual propaganda"? That's OK, too. But curse words in film? Intolerable. Russia's lower parliament has passed legislation that bans swearing in films, plays, concerts, and shows, reports the BBC . Scofflaws would face fines. If the upper house... More »

Russian Leaders to Crimea: Come on Over

Leaders say lawmakers will 'certainly' agree to let Crimea join Russia

(Newser) - A delegation from Crimea's parliament visited Moscow today, where they got a warm reception and assurances that Russia would back their secession play . "If the people of Crimea decide to join Russia in the referendum, we ...will certainly support this decision," Valentina Matvienko, the chair of Russia'... More »

Russia's Speaker Resigns Amid Protests

He says it would 'not be right' to serve third term

(Newser) - Russia's protesters look to have claimed their first scalp: Longtime parliament speaker Boris Gryzlov today announced that he is stepping down, despite his United Russia party's election victory . Gryzlov heads United Russia's Supreme Council, and has been Duma speaker since 2003, making him a potent symbol of... More »

START Clears Hurdle in Russian Parliament

But it'll need to do it twice more to pass it

(Newser) - The Russian parliament voted 350-58 to give its initial blessing to the START deal today, after the first of three required readings of the document. But it put off the other readings, and the final vote, until after a New Year’s vacation that ends Jan. 11, the AP reports.... More »

Russia Paves Way for Return of Putin

Parliament extends term of president; early elections could follow

(Newser) - Russia's lower house of parliament approved a change to the constitution that extends the term of the president from four to six years, CNN reports. The move is widely seen as a bureaucratic maneuver that will lead to the return of Vladimir Putin as president. The upper house of parliament... More »

Russia Goes After Emo

Fearing for teens, Duma debates legislation to outlaw fashion, monitor websites

(Newser) - Fearing a threat to the wellbeing of its youth, the Russian Duma is going after what it sees as Public Enemy No. 1—emo.  Lawmakers are debating legislation to ban all signs of emo culture—an offshoot of punk music—from schools and government buildings, the Guardian reports. Lawmakers... More »

Putin Slides Easily to PM Slot

Unsurprising vote keeps Russia's power in hands of former president

(Newser) - After 26 hours out of office, Vladimir Putin was confirmed today as Russia's prime minister, the New York Times reports. Receiving 392 of 410 votes from the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the former president took the stage for a long speech on his plans for the nation—confirming... More »

Russian Majority Party Offers Putin Even Tighter Grip

Taking spot as head of United Russia would solidify his next job, as PM

(Newser) - Russia’s largest party will ask Vladimir Putin to lead it after Dmitry Medvedev becomes the country’s president, United Russia's current head said today. Putin says he’ll become prime minister when Medvedev is sworn in May 7, but leadership of United Russia—which holds a large parliamentary majority—... More »

Putin Stumps for Party in TV Address

President urges vote for United Russia in Sunday's parliamentary elections

(Newser) - In an announcement aired on Russian television Vladimir Putin called on citizens to vote for his United Russia party in parliamentary elections Sunday, in order to prolong "stability and continuity," and "set the tone" for March elections. He also warned casting ballots for liberal opposition candidates would... More »

Russia Stiff Arms International Vote Monitors

Showdown looms with US & EU in bid to keep observers at a distance

(Newser) - Russia may be headed for another showdown with the US and the European Union over its proposals to severely limit the authority of international election monitors. The Kremlin wants to cut the number of observers and ban their reports from publication until after elections. The move comes just months before... More »

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