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$80B Stealth Bomber Project Takes Flight

The LRS-B will become 'backbone' of Air Force: Carter

(Newser) - One of the most expensive projects in the Pentagon's history has been awarded to Northrop Grumman. The company won the bid to build the Long Range Strike-Bomber (LRS-B) at a cost that could top $80 billion, reports the Los Angeles Times . Northrop will get more than $20 billion to... More »

US Sends Stealth Bombers to South Korea

They drop inert munitions as part of drills

(Newser) - The US sent B-2 stealth bombers—which can carry nuclear weapons—from Missouri to South Korea for military drills, Washington said today. Following the drills, which involved them dropping inert munitions, they returned home, CNN reports. The move "demonstrates the United States' ability to conduct long range, precision strikes... More »

Russian Bombers Land in Venezuela

Strategic fighters arrive after Chavez's invitation

(Newser) - Two Russian bombers have landed at an airfield in Venezuela, where the Russian defense ministry says they will conduct a few days of test flights. The mission comes after Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president, invited the Russian air force to conduct operations in its territory. A spokesman for the... More »

Pilots Safe in 1st-Ever B-2 Crash

3 other Guam-based Stealth bombers staying put, for now

(Newser) - A B-2 stealth bomber crashed after takeoff from a US base in Guam this morning—the first-ever failure for the $1.2 billion bat-winged craft, AP reports. Thick, black smoke could be seen billowing from the wreckage, one witness said. Both pilots successfully ejected and are in good condition; one... More »

Is US Preparing Iran Air Strikes?

White House asks for bunker-buster funding

(Newser) - A recent White House funding request has heightened speculation that the US is preparing air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, reports ABC News. The Bush administration has asked for $88 million in emergency funds to modify B-2 stealth bombers so they can carry 30,000 "bunker buster" bombs to... More »

5 Stories