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US Strikes Yemen Rebels for First Time

Navy says it's retaliation for missile launches

(Newser) - American officials say US-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles have destroyed three coastal radar sites in Houthi-controlled territory on Yemen's Red Sea coast. The strikes marked the first shots fired by the US in anger against the Houthis in Yemen's long-running civil war, the AP reports. The retaliatory action early... More »

Unaware She Was Pregnant, US Sailor Gives Birth at Sea

Mom and baby are doing well

(Newser) - A US Navy sailor who didn't realize she was pregnant gave birth aboard the Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier Sunday while it was in the Persian Gulf, where it's involved in the fight against ISIS, the Navy Times reports. The unnamed sailor went to the carrier's medical... More »

Navy Sailor Protests National Anthem on Base

She's likely to face disciplinary action from the Navy

(Newser) - A sailor in the US Navy appears likely to face punishment after protesting the national anthem while on base in Florida, CNN reports. The sailor, who the Navy isn't identifying, filmed herself sitting during the anthem—all service members are required to stand and face the flag—and the... More »

Navy Brings Student Out of Stands to Play QB

OK, so he's technically on the team...

(Newser) - When starter Tago Smith went out with an injury in the first half of Navy's game Saturday against Fordham, the team literally pulled a student out of the stands to play quarterback, USA Today reports. Granted that student, Malcolm Perry, is technically the team's fourth-string quarterback, but still.... More »

Sailor Who Took Photos on Nuclear Sub Is Headed to Prison

Kristian Saucier says he wanted to show his family what he did in the Navy

(Newser) - A Navy sailor was sentenced Friday to a year in prison for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine while it was in port in Connecticut, the AP reports. Kristian Saucier pleaded guilty in May to unauthorized detention of defense information and had faced five to six... More »

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Icon

'When Harvey Milk served in the military, he couldn't tell anyone who he truly was'

(Newser) - Five years after the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" law allowed gay sailors to serve openly, the Navy plans to name one of its ships after California's first openly gay elected official. A Military Sealift Command ship, one of several John Lewis-class oilers currently... More »

Navy Revises Chris Kyle's Medal Count

'American Sniper' not as decorated as he claimed, Navy finds after a review

(Newser) - Chris Kyle claimed in his American Sniper memoir that he had been awarded a pair of Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars. The United States Navy, after some review , would beg to differ: The Navy revised Kyle's medal count downward, to one Silver Star and four Bronze Stars, reports... More »

Death of Navy SEAL Trainee Ruled a Homicide

Autopsy report finds James Lovelace was dunked multiple times by an instructor

(Newser) - A medical examiner ruled the death of a Navy SEAL trainee a homicide, saying his instructor repeatedly dunked him during a pool exercise while the 21-year-old was struggling, the AP reports. The homicide ruling on the May 6 drowning of James Lovelace raises questions about the safety of the grueling... More »

Video Shows Navy Official Threatening Men at Gunpoint

Karnig Ohannessian was apparently upset the men were being loud outside his house

(Newser) - A senior Navy official is being investigated by both the Navy and police after allegedly threatening a number of men with a gun outside his house last month in Virginia, the AP reports. CBS News obtained a video of the incident, which was filmed by one of the men. The... More »

Navy: Sailors Gave Info to Iran After Wildly Botched Mission

Lack of oversight, poor planning, and low morale blamed for January incident

(Newser) - On Thursday, the US Navy released its official report on the 10 sailors detained by Iran last January, and the whole thing sounds like something out of Down Periscope . Problems started instantly, as the two Navy vessels left Kuwait for Bahrain four hours behind schedule, Fox News reports. The vessels... More »

Navy Bans Booze for All Personnel in Japan

Okinawa crash was the last straw

(Newser) - The US Navy banned drinking and restricted off-base activity Monday for all 18,600 of its personnel in Japan after a sailor was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on the island of Okinawa, the AP reports. In the latest incident to spark public anger in Japan, Petty Officer 2nd... More »

Blue Angels Pilot Dead in Crash Days Before Air Show

It was the second fighter jet crash of the day

(Newser) - A Blue Angels F/A-18 fighter jet crashed Thursday near Nashville, Tennessee, killing the pilot just days before a weekend air show performance, officials said. A US official said the pilot was Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss, the AP reports. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke... More »

Air Force Jet Crashes After Commencement Flyover

President Obama had spoken at the ceremony beforehand

(Newser) - The pilot of a US Air Force Thunderbird that crashed following a flyover met with President Barack Obama shortly after ejecting safely into a Colorado field, the AP reports. News of the crash broke while Obama's motorcade was returning to Peterson Air Force Base on Thursday for his flight... More »

2 Navy Fighter Jets Crash Into the Atlantic

4 people hospitalized with minor injuries

(Newser) - Two Navy jet fighters crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina during a routine training mission on Thursday, sending four people to the hospital, officials said. The Navy initially said the F/A-18 Super Hornet jet fighters, based in Virginia Beach, collided about 10:40am off the... More »

Sources Blame Instructor for SEAL Trainee's Death

He 'held the student underwater until he drowned,' source says

(Newser) - The Navy isn't telling the full story about the death of a SEAL student during a training exercise last week, multiple sources tell NBC and the Virginian-Pilot . The sources say James Derek Lovelace died not during a "drown proofing" drill, but during the even tougher "combat tread"... More »

Commander of the Sailors Iran Captured Is Fired

Officials say they've lost confidence in Commander Eric Rasch

(Newser) - The commanding officer responsible for 10 sailors captured by Iran is no longer commanding anybody. The Navy says Cmdr. Eric Rasch of Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 has been fired because of a "loss of confidence" in his ability to command after the embarrassing international incident in January, the Navy ... More »

Navy SEAL Training Has Been Deadly in Recent Months

3 deaths reported during last 4 training courses

(Newser) - Twenty-one-year-old James Lovelace died last week while undergoing the rigorous—and dangerous—training to become a Navy SEAL. Now the Washington Post reports he isn't alone. Lovelace's was the third death over the past four Navy SEAL training programs. Caplen Weare died in November while drinking and driving... More »

Botched Landing on Aircraft Carrier Injures 8 Sailors

'They thought they were going to die'

(Newser) - A month after a "rare and terrifying" accident during an attempted landing on an aircraft carrier, one sailor remains hospitalized and three more are still recovering, the Navy Times reports. According to WTKR , an E-2C Hawkeye was attempting to land on the USS Eisenhower during training exercises 100 miles... More »

'Aggressive' Russians Buzz US Warship

Baltic Sea encounter was one of the most brazen in years

(Newser) - In a move that American officials are calling "aggressive," "potentially provocative," "unprofessional," and simply "unsafe," Russian fighter jets and a helicopter buzzed a US warship in international waters Monday and Tuesday. The Guardian reports that US European Command says the encounters were... More »

Navy Officer Allegedly Gave Military Secrets to China

One report says he passed them to a girlfriend

(Newser) - The Navy is dealing with an espionage case that involves allegations of both treason and adultery. Though authorities haven't officially identified the officer involved, multiple outlets report that he is Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin, who was born in Taiwan and became a naturalized US citizen in 2008. The New ... More »

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