Scott Parazynski

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Shuttle Crew Return Moon Rock to Space

Apollo 11 rock left behind as Endeavour finishes mission to ISS

(Newser) - The Endeavour shuttle departed the ISS last night, leaving behind the station's new connecting hub and observation deck as well as one well-traveled lump of rock. A lunar rock brought to Earth by Neil Armstrong and brought to the top of Mount Everest by astronaut Scott Parazynski is now an... More »

Astronauts Fix Solar Panel

They complete risky mission on international space station

(Newser) - Two astronauts fixed the broken solar panel on the international space station today in one of the riskiest spacewalks ever undertaken, the AP reports. Scott Parazynski installed a brace and fixed snarled wires on the highly electrified panel, which then unfurled to its full length. "Excellent work guys, excellent,... More »

NASA Buys Time for Dangerous Spacewalk

Engineers work around the clock to make mission safer

(Newser) - NASA has pushed back until tomorrow a spacewalk to repair a key solar panel, allowing engineers as much prep time as possible for the risky mission. An astronaut will perch alone on the station’s 80-foot robotic arm to work on the electrified panel. "It's a real test of... More »

Astronauts Link Harmony to ISS

'Great day in outer space' sums up lead spacewalker

(Newser) - Astronauts from the space shuttle Discovery today successfully attached the 16-ton Harmony addition to the International Space Station, expanding the station's living and working space by more than 2,500 cubic feet. The 6-hour project, moving the Harmony and retrieving a broken antenna from the station, was the first of... More »

4 Stories