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NASA Scientist Finds Michigan Meteorites

Weather radar is the key for Marc Fries

(Newser) - If the United States Geological Service's reading of a magnitude 2.0 earthquake in Michigan on Tuesday night wasn't enough to convince you that a meteor did in fact streak through the sky there, let Marc Fries. The NASA scientist says he managed to track the meteorites (those... More »

A 'Biscuit-Sized' Rock May Clear Up a Space Mystery

In a Swedish quarry, scientists find an 'extinct' meteorite

(Newser) - The Earth has just given up a very alien secret: Scientists are reporting in Nature Communications that a rock found in a limestone quarry in Sweden is the first of its kind to have been discovered on our planet, a "biscuit-sized" remnant of a space rock they believe collided... More »

NASA: Meteorite Didn't Kill Man

Evidence points to 'land-based explosion'

(Newser) - Whatever it was that killed a bus driver in India on Saturday probably didn't travel through untold millions of miles of space to get there, according to NASA scientists. The 11-gram rock recovered from a college campus in Tamil Nadu is still being analyzed, but NASA scientists say that... More »

Man Believed to Be First Ever Killed by Meteorite

But some scientists remain skeptical

(Newser) - There's the slim chance of being hit by lightning, and then there's the almost nonexistent chance of being hit by a meteorite. A man in India, however, was apparently killed by the latter, which would likely make him the first person recorded killed by an object that fell... More »

US Company Turning Ancient Meteorite Into $1M Guns

'Romantic and fascinating'

(Newser) - It's an extraterrestrial weapon of sorts: An American company is turning a famous chunk of meteorite into a gun. “It’s both romantic and fascinating to imagine that this meteor traveled across the heavens for 4 billion years before landing on Earth and is now being transformed into... More »

Ancient Meteorites Change Story of Earth's Water

Study: Water on Earth appears to have arrived 4.6B years ago

(Newser) - At least when it comes to life as we know it, water is a basic requirement. So a new analysis of meteorites suggesting that water could have appeared on Earth 14 million years after the start of solar system some 4.6 billion years ago—more than a hundred million... More »

Crater Mystery Has Nicaragua Stumped

If a passing asteroid didn't create the huge hole, then what did?

(Newser) - When an asteroid passed by Earth and then a huge crater showed up in Nicaragua, the government there put two and two together and figured an errant piece of space rock was responsible for the hole. But scientists have since cast doubt on the theory, and now Nicaragua is asking... More »

Passing Asteroid Tied to Blast in Nicaragua

Scientists say 'Pitbull' 2014 RC caused Managua blast

(Newser) - A house-sized asteroid nicknamed "Pitbull" came close to Earth over the weekend—and appears to have taken a bite out of Nicaragua. There was a mysterious blast in the capital, Managua, late Saturday night, and government scientists believe it's connected to asteroid 2014 RC, reports Reuters . The explosion... More »

Moon May Hold Clues to Earth's Ancient Past

Study says fossils from Earth could survive the trip via meteor

(Newser) - Might the moon be able to shed some light on the origins of life on Earth? A new study out of the University of Kent opens the possibility that the moon could be littered with ancient fossils from our planet, reports New Scientist . No such fossil has been found to... More »

Ancient Meteorite Unlocks Space Puzzle

'Mysterious object' found in Swedish limestone quarry

(Newser) - Almost 500 million years ago in the Ordovician Period, two large bodies in the asteroid belt collided. Two asteroids, or an asteroid and a comet, blew apart and their debris and dust fell to Earth. One of these large bodies was the source of all the L-chondrite meteorites that have... More »

Chelyabinsk Meteor Is From Ancient Space Collision

Scientists think long-ago smashup led to last year's bang in Russia

(Newser) - Two big rocks collided in deep space about 290 million years ago, and a new study suggests that we earthlings felt the impact via that amazing meteor strike in Chelyabinsk, Russia, last year. Scientists analyzing meteorite fragments think that the chunk of asteroid that exploded over the city in 2013... More »

Koreans on Treasure Hunt ... for Space Rocks

Hunters looking to cash in after a meteor shower

(Newser) - Hundreds of South Koreans scouring the countryside of Jinju with metal detectors are on a treasure hunt—but rather than a gold rush, it's a meteorite-searching frenzy. After two black rocks found near the country's southern tip were confirmed to be fragments of a meteor—the first chondrites... More »

Huge Asteroid to Whiz Near Earth Today

But odds of a hit are just 1 in 10M, NASA says

(Newser) - A massive asteroid will be hurtling past Earth today, and it's expected to sail past a bit closer than the moon does. At somewhere between 60 and 140 feet in diameter, asteroid 2014 DX110 is bigger than the space rock that injured hundreds of people in Russia last year... More »

Florida Dad: Space Rocks Hit My Son

Testing suggests he's right

(Newser) - Did cosmic debris crash through the atmosphere from outer space to give a 7-year-old Florida boy a nasty gash on his head as he played in his driveway? Steven Lippard's dad believes it did, and initial testing on the pea-sized fragments of rock found in the driveway suggests he... More »

Half-Ton Meteorite Pulled From Russia Lake

Believed to be part of one that struck earlier this year

(Newser) - A big chunk of meteorite, believed to be part of the one that rocked Russia in February , has been pulled from a lake in the Ural Mountains. Divers hauled the 5-foot rock out of Lake Chebarkul today, in an event broadcast live on Russian TV. Things got a bit rocky,... More »

Farmers Find Meteorite in Corn Field

May be part of similar meteorite found more than 100 years ago

(Newser) - A 33-pound meteorite isn't what farmers Bruce and Nelva Lilienthal expected their harvest to yield. But sometimes these things just fall into your lap—or corn field, as the case may be. The Minnesota couple found the rock two years ago, but didn't follow up on the peculiar... More »

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came From ... Space

Beads made 5K years ago came from meteorite

(Newser) - A cache of iron beads dating back 5,000 years to Egypt had long puzzled archeologists: That predates smelting, so how on earth did the Egyptians craft them? Turns out, it wasn't done on Earth at all, reports Nature . UK researchers borrowed one of the beads from a museum... More »

Moon's Water May Come From ... Earth

New study suggests it arrived via ancient meteorites

(Newser) - Scientists discovered water on the moon only a few years ago, and until recently, the prevailing theory was that it got there via comets. Now they're not so sure. New research on rocks brought back from the Apollo 15 and 17 strongly suggests a different possibility: The moon got... More »

Did a Sri Lanka Meteorite Have Fossils Inside?

Scientists fuel controversy with big claim

(Newser) - A group of scientists says a December meteorite over Sri Lanka held "fossilized biological structures"—but many of their colleagues aren't convinced. According to the pro-fossil team, electronic microscope images show tiny pieces of algae known as diatoms, supporting the idea of "panspermia." The theory—... More »

Scientists Figure Out Russia Meteor's Origin

As biggest piece yet found in Ural Mountains

(Newser) - Turns out there is a cool use for trigonometry: Scientists in Colombia have been able to calculate the trajectory of the meteor that injured 1,000 in Russia this month using data gleaned from local camera footage and a lake landing spot. Once they had determined the meteor's path... More »

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