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Texas Tallies 60% of Executions

Capital punishment in decline elsewhere

(Newser) - As the rest of the country backed away from applying the death penalty in 2007, Texas kept up its customary pace, making the state responsible for an astounding 60% of all executions in the US. Of last year's 42 executions, 26 were in Texas, the New York Times reports. In... More »

Bar Association Seeks to Halt Executions

Rampant inequities & sloppy cases demand moratorium, says group

(Newser) - After a three-year study of the death penalty in eight states, the American Bar Association is calling for a nationwide moratorium on executions until prevalent problems in the system are rectified. Defense attorneys nationwide are under-qualified and underfunded, cases are plagued by sloppy evidence gathering, and race influences sentencing, the... More »

2 Stories