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Skype Rolls Out New Biz Service

Internet calling company aims to boost revenue

(Newser) - Internet calling company Skype is introducing new software for businesses that lets workers on corporate phone systems make calls using regular office phones instead of computer headsets, the Wall Street Journal reports. Domestic and international calls to cellphones and landlines will start at 2.1 cents a minute, and computer-... More »

AT&T Hacks 12,000 Jobs

The telecom says its mobile and broadband divisions are continuing to grow

(Newser) - AT&T is cutting 12,000 jobs, or 4% of its workforce, mostly in the landline segment that has lost market share to cell phones, cable operators, and Internet calling options, reports the AP. AT&T, which has cut more than 25,000 jobs so far this year, said it... More »

UK: Web Phone Service Gives Criminals Edge

Authorities want to expand their online snooping powers

(Newser) - Criminals and terrorists are using VoIP services like Skype to evade law enforcement, sources tell the Times of London, and officials are lobbying for increased access. Police often rely on phone records as evidence, but online calls often leave no trace. “Communications data forms an important element of prosecution... More »

Eavesdropping on Internet Calls Is Easy

Researchers find potential encryption security problems

(Newser) - Not only are most Internet phone calls not encrypted, but a bandwidth-saving technique could undermine encryption once it’s implemented. Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that a compression method called variable-bit-rate encoding makes it possible for eavesdroppers to identify given phrases in an encrypted VoIP call 50% of the time,... More »

T-Mobile Launching Net Phone Price War

New plan follows hard on news of wireless price war

(Newser) - T-Mobile is giving an extra push to the millions contemplating ditching their landlines. The low-cost wireless carrier is launching a new dirt-cheap VoIP service, which lets T-Mobile customers hook up traditional phones to an Internet router and make unlimited local and long distance calls for $10 a month, the Wall ... More »

Cell Bills Trump Land Line Charges for 1st Time

Americans have 250M mobiles, 170M home lines

(Newser) - US households racked up bigger cellphone than land line bills in 2007 for the first time ever, analysts say. Only 6 years ago, households spent three times more on residential phone bills than on mobiles, a disparity that shrank to an average difference of only $28 by 2006. Now, with... More »

New Tools Will Mash Up Phone, Mobile, & Net

Ribbit debuts platform to blend services across all your connections

(Newser) - A startup called Ribbit today unveiled a tool to let developers create voice communication applications that unify Internet-based and traditional telephony services, including phones and text messaging. Developers can include voicemail and calling functions, and can embed their apps in Web pages and Web-based services, reports Reuters. The platform supports... More »

Globetrotting iPhone Users Get Flat Rate Data Plan

Company responds to roaming rage

(Newser) - Traveling iPhone users rejoice: AT&T is offering flat rate international data plans for the trendy Apple handset starting at 25/month for 20MB of data, reports AppleInsider. That's after irate customers complained about running up huge bills from accessing the Web at roaming rates while overseas, when the iPhone automatically... More »

UK Provider Unveils Skype Mobile Phone

Free calls over the Internet for users in five countries at launch

(Newser) - British mobile phone provider "3" is unveiling a handset which lets users make free calls over the Net using Skype. The phone won't let you use Skype to make cheap calls to any phone number, like you could over the Internet, but still represents a new level of availability... More »

Vonage Settles Patent Dispute, Sees Shares Rise

Longer-term troubles still loom for vexed Internet phone provider

(Newser) - Troubled Internet telephone company Vonage gained a "new lease on life" yesterday when it settled a longstanding patent infringement dispute with rival Verizon. Vonage share prices shot up 70% in after-hours trading on the heels of a settlement that observers see as a "big win for Vonage,"... More »

How To Hack VoIP Companies

Convicted hacker Robert Moore says 'it's so easy a caveman could do it'

(Newser) - Robert Moore, a 23-year old facing a two-year prison sentence for hacking Internet phone service companies, tells Information Week that getting illegitimate access to the phone services was "so easy a caveman could do it". Moore said that sloppy systems administration left obvious security holes, such as the use... More »

Skype Blames Crash on Windows

Millions of updates, reboots fried VOIP service, company says

(Newser) - Skype's mysterious failure last week was caused by a routine Windows update, the company says. Millions of users downloaded the new software, rebooted their computers, and tried to log into Skype at the same time, crashing the net phone service, PC World reports. It's still unclear why previous Windows updates... More »

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