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Carrie Falls to Gravity

And literally no one went to see the WikiLeaks movie

(Newser) - Gravity scared off Carrie this weekend, pulling off its third box-office win in a row with a hefty $31 million take, reports the Los Angeles Times . Both films were expected to fetch around $30 million, but the Stephen King classic fell far short, with $17 million and the No. 3... More »

Carrie Prank Freaks Out Coffee Shop

Customers terrified when girl seems to slam guy up against wall

(Newser) - How would you react if telekinesis was real? Well, we imagine it would look something like what happened at a coffee shop in West Village, Manhattan, after a young girl seemingly slammed a man against the wall using other-worldly powers. But the scene was actually a publicity stunt designed to... More »

Broadway's Most Expensive Flop Is Back

'Carrie' to open off-Broadway tomorrow

(Newser) - When the musical Carrie had a sudden early death on Broadway in 1988, few were as unhappy as three men who worked hard to give it life. Lawrence D. Cohen, Michael Gore, and Dean Pitchford, who wrote the script, music, and lyrics, clearly were not happy with the final product,... More »

25 Films Worth Screaming About

The best horror films are clever, sometimes funny, and occasionally very, very scary

(Newser) - You're never too old to go trick or treating. Well, yes you are. So instead of fighting the little ones for the next sugar high, you can check out Time's top 25 scary movies:
  1. Shaun of the Dead, 2004
  2. Red Dragon, 2002
  3. Audition, 1999
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4 Stories