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Rising Dem Star to the Media: You're Banned

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bars reporters from 2 events

(Newser) - Seems President Trump isn't the only one with media issues . Now rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has entirely banned reporters from two town-hall-style events, CNN reports. The congressional candidate hosted the "listening tour" community meetings last week—one in the Bronx on Wednesday and one in Queens on... More »

Dad Accused CNN of 'Scripting' Town Hall; CNN Releases Emails

Parkland survivor's dad admits he left critical words out of exchange he sent to media outlets

(Newser) - An emotional CNN town hall last week after the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School focused on gun control and school safety, but the network soon found itself in a tiff with the family of one of the survivors. Conservative outlets went after CNN for "scripting"... More »

Victim's Father Calls Rubio 'Pathetically Weak'

Senator, NRA spokeswoman jeered at an emotional town hall

(Newser) - Sen. Marco Rubio and NRA national spokeswoman Dana Loesch encountered the raw emotion of school shooting survivors and the parents of victims at a town hall meeting in Sunrise, Fla., Wednesday night. In one of the most heated exchanges, Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime died in the Parkland shooting, told... More »

Google CEO Calls Off Meeting Amid Alt-Right Fears

Workers said they were worried about harassment

(Newser) - Google CEO Sundar Pichai planned to address the controversy over an anti-diversity memo at an all-employee town hall meeting—but he called it off after workers said they were worried about online harassment. Pichai said questions from employees had been leaked and their identities had been published on alt-right websites,... More »

Iowa Congressman Has Rough Day Over Health Care Bill

Rod Blum cuts off interview, then faces a hostile town hall

(Newser) - Iowa Rep. Rod Blum has become the temporary lightning rod for anger about the health care bill that just passed the House . The Republican congressman had a double whammy on Monday when he abruptly cut short a TV interview—see the video —and then faced a hostile town hall... More »

US Rep: 'Nobody Dies' Because They Don't Have Health Care

Raul Labrador booed roundly after town hall comments

(Newser) - On Friday, the day after House Republicans passed the reworked American Health Care Act , Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador faced an angry woman at a town hall who accused him of "mandating people on Medicaid accept dying," reports the Idaho Statesman . "That line is so indefensible," responded... More »

Trump on Protests, Leaks: Blame Obama

Claims Obama's 'people' behind town hall protesters in Fox interview, says 'that's politics'

(Newser) - President Trump has taken his claim that "liberal activists" are behind protests against Republicans at town hall meetings to a new level, telling Fox and Friends that his predecessor is really the one to blame. "I think that President Obama is behind it," Trump says in a... More »

Town Hall Venting: 'What Kind of Insurance Do You Have'

Trump's view of the anger is similar to that of Obama's

(Newser) - Angry constituents confronting Republican lawmakers at town hall meetings continue to make headlines. Here's a look at what both sides are saying:
  • It's one thing President Trump has in common with former President Obama: The latter's White House also shrugged off town hall chaos as the work
... More »

Trump Slams Protesters at GOP Town Halls

He tweets about 'so-called angry crowds'

(Newser) - President Trump's latest target on Twitter is people who attend town hall-style meetings and voice objections to lawmakers—Republican ones, that is. "The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!," Trump tweeted Tuesday evening.... More »

Cruz's Post-Honeymoon Splurge: 100 Cans of Soup

It was Campbell's Chunky, Heidi Cruz revealed at CNN town hall

(Newser) - Ted Cruz showed up Wednesday for a CNN town hall—or what Gawker frames as "another glimpse into the waking hell that is Heidi Cruz’s daily life"—with his wife and two young daughters in tow, and Heidi offered up a personal, if bizarre, nugget of life... More »

Arizona Heckler to McCain: 'Where's the Dang Fence?'

Town hall gets testy over immigration

(Newser) - John McCain took a lot of heat at a pair of town hall meetings yesterday over his new push for immigration reform, with many angry Arizona residents telling him in turn that illegal immigrants should never become citizens, the AP reports. "Cut off their welfare and their stuff and... More »

Romney, Obama to Crowley: No Follow-Up Questions

Moderator threatens to weigh in at town-hall debate

(Newser) - The Obama and Romney campaigns finally agree on something: They don't want Candy Crowley asking them any pesky follow-up questions. Crowley is moderating tomorrow's debate, which is to be conducted town hall-style, with audience members asking the questions. But Crowley doesn't intend to just twiddle her thumbs.... More »

GOP Rep: I'd Need to Shoot Senators to Pass Budget

John Sullivan of Oklahoma apologizes after violent comments

(Newser) - A House Republican apologized yesterday after Talking Points Memo spotted a clip of him saying he'd have to shoot some senators to pass Paul Ryan's budget. "I live with some senators, I yell at them all the time, I grabbed one of them the other day and... More »

At Perry Event, No Illegals Allowed

He hosted a town hall in New Hampshire

(Newser) - Rick Perry hosted a town hall at Granite State Manufacturing today. That happens to be in New Hampshire, which happens to be in America, so it follows that attendees should have to prove they're actually American citizens, right? AP reporter Steve Peoples tweeted , "At press check in for... More »

Obama on Taxes: Pay It Forward

Pay it forward, he says in Elizabeth Warren-esque appeal

(Newser) - President Obama tackled the economy, jobs, education, and more at today's LinkedIn townhall meeting, the AP reports. Of note: an audience member—later identified as a former Google executive—told Obama he had no job by choice after his search-engine startup did well, and asked, "Can you please... More »

Romney Wrangles With Town-Hall Questioner

Two argue over federal budget-balancing

(Newser) - In a town-hall kerfuffle caught on tape, Mitt Romney trades heated words with a questioner in discussing a balanced-budget amendment he supports, notes Mediaite . When the questioner suggests that Romney is telling his audience “what (it) wants to hear,” adding that it’s “shameful” to pretend we... More »

Lawmakers Skip Town Halls, Hold Job Fairs

More than half of lawmakers holding no town hall meetings

(Newser) - Think politicians are just a wee bit spooked by the town hall rebellion of 2009? Leery of facing angry voters, lawmakers are eschewing those events this year, the Christian Science Monitor reports, with half of Republicans and two-thirds of Democrats opting not to hold any during this month's Congressional... More »

Want to Ask Paul Ryan a Question? Please Pay $15

Congressmen find questions easier at paid-for events

(Newser) - Tired of being harassed and embarrassed by angry constituents—and, of course, always in need of cash—congressmen such as Paul Ryan, Ben Quayle, and Chip Cravaack are eschewing open town halls and instead are charging for access over this August recess, reports Politico . Questioning Ryan at an upcoming luncheon... More »

Obama Heckled Over Biden 'Terrorist' Comment

Iowa Tea Party founder Ryan Rhodes confronts him at town hall

(Newser) - President Obama was greeted with some unexpected spice at the end of his town hall meeting in Iowa last night, when the founder of the Iowa Tea Party confronted him about Joe Biden's alleged remark that Tea Party members acted like "terrorists" (the VP denies saying it ).... More »

Obama Calls Boehner's Tweet 'Slightly Skewed'

Overall, Twitter town hall nearly 'news-less'

(Newser) - The first Twitter town hall is in the books, and save for the unique forum, it was an "almost entirely news-less affair," writes Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post . President Obama mainly used it to rehash familiar talking points, such as pushing the GOP to bend on tax... More »

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