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CIA Car Bomb Killed Hezbollah Figure

Washington Post: US agents teamed with Mossad in 2008 assassination

(Newser) - When a Hezbollah commander implicated in scores of terrorist attacks around the world was assassinated in Syria in 2008, all kinds of theories swirled about who might have been behind it. Today, the Washington Post reveals that it was actually a team effort by the CIA and Mossad, its Israeli... More »

Feds Think There's a New Snowden in Our Midst

Someone appears to be leaking sensitive US documents again

(Newser) - A story published by Glenn Greenwald's Intercept , which has published the leaks of none other than Edward Snowden, contains information from national security documents dating back to August 2013—after Snowden fled the US, and thus an indication that there's a new leaker in town. The newly leaked... More »

This Man Spent 5 Years as Hostage, Then 'Thrived'

Joe Cicippio explains why the experience didn't ruin him

(Newser) - Joe Cicippio spent five years often chained to a radiator, a captive of Hezbollah in Lebanon. His only companions were his masked kidnappers and one or two other captives. But he's thrived since his release in 1991, and now Cicippio, 83, reveals how in an interview with NPR . “... More »

175 Dead in One of Syrian War's Biggest Hits

Rebels ambushed by Syria military outside Damascus yesterday

(Newser) - Syrian forces ambushed a group of rebels outside Damascus yesterday, killing 175 belonging to the Islamist extremist al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, according to state news agencies, per the Wall Street Journal . The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights counted 152 dead—mostly foreigners from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Chechnya—in the raid... More »

Hezbollah Gets Hands on Deadlier Missiles

Iran exploits Syria conflict to funnel weapons to militant group

(Newser) - Iran appears to be using the civil war in Syria to smuggle advanced guided missile systems to Hezbollah in Lebanon, US officials tell the Wall Street Journal . The guided missiles would be a massive upgrade over Hezbollah's current cache of "dumb" rockets, greatly improving its ability to deter... More »

Israel Strikes Syria Base: US Official

Warplanes hit Russian missiles: reports

(Newser) - Israeli planes struck a Syrian military base housing missiles, a White House official tells CNN ; Israel was reportedly concerned the missiles—which the AP says were of Russian origin—could be passed to Hezbollah. Israel's government hasn't confirmed the attack, though regional reports pointed to a blast at... More »

Iran Is Orchestrating Syria Revenge: US

If US strikes, Iran wants Shiite militias in Iraq to strike back

(Newser) - As Congress debates a strike on Syria, the regime and its allies have been given plenty of time to prepare strikes of their own, American officials warn. The US has intercepted an order from Iran to Iran-supported Shiite militias in Iraq to launch attacks on the US Embassy and other... More »

Assad: The Russian Missiles Are Here

He says in interview to air on Hezbollah TV channel

(Newser) - On the one hand, it's a fairly expected announcement: On the heels of Russia's confirmation of a missile deal with Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has confirmed that the initial shipment of S-300 air defense missiles was in fact delivered to his country, with the second portion of the... More »

Hezbollah, Assad Make Massive Push Into Key Town

Israel threatens more strikes as battle for Qusair rages

(Newser) - Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon have taken their most prominent role yet in the Syrian civil war, fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad's forces as the military attempts to regain control of a strategic rebel-held city near the Lebanese order. Activists say at least 23 members of the Iran-backed militant group have... More »

Russia Sends Syria Ships— and 'Ship Killers'

Moves seem designed to ward off international military intervention

(Newser) - Russia is reportedly sending military aid to Syria that seems designed to counter any attempt at military intervention from the US or other Western countries. US officials tell the New York Times that Russia has sent the regime new, radar-equipped anti-ship cruise missiles, weapons that could fend off an international... More »

Syria: Israeli Strike a 'Declaration of War'

Israel deploys missile defenses to northern border

(Newser) - Syria is firing back figuratively at Israel after airstrikes today struck targets in and around Damascus, calling the attack "a declaration of war. This is not something that is (new)," a deputy foreign minister reports CNN . "We dealt with this on several occasions, and the retaliation was... More »

Israel Again Strikes Syria

Targets missiles believed headed for Hezbollah

(Newser) - Israel has again struck Syria , this time in a series of airstrikes in and around Damascus last night that targeted a shipment of Iranian-made missiles Israel believed were headed Hezbollah's way. "In last night's attack, as in the previous one, what was attacked were stores of Fateh-110... More »

Israel Bombs Site in Syria

It's the second time this year

(Newser) - Two ominous developments in Syria overnight:
  • Israel airstrike: Israel bombed a site within Syria for the second time this year, reports Reuters . Official details are scarce, but the Israeli strike reportedly hit a warehouse that contained high-tech missiles, though not chemical weapons. Israeli officials feared that Bashar al-Assad was sending
... More »

Iran Shipping More Weapons to Assad

Meanwhile, French official says they want to arm opposition

(Newser) - Iran has drastically increased its arms shipments to Syria in recent months, sending weapons to Bashar al-Assad's regime, and to its Hezbollah supporters, in what is increasingly becoming a Shiite-vs-Sunni conflict, Western diplomats tell Reuters . The weapons are flowing primarily through Iraq—despite Iraqi protestations to the contrary—but... More »

Israeli Strike Hit Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility

Meanwhile, Iran says Israel 'will regret' attack

(Newser) - Israel's airstrike inside Syria just happens to have damaged the country's top chemical and biological research center, though it wasn't the primary target of the attack, US officials tell the New York Times . A senior military official said Israel's actual targets were trucks carrying missiles and... More »

As Syria Unravels, Israel Threatens Hit on Chemical Weapons

Chemical arsenal won't be allowed to fall into Hezbollah's hands, officials warn

(Newser) - Israel has warned that it will launch a strike to prevent Syrian chemical weapons from falling into the hands of Hezbollah or other extremists, the AP reports. Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom told reporters that top security officials met last week to discuss the threat Syria's chemical weapons pose.... More »

Securing Syria's Chemical Arms Will Take 75K Troops

White House worries terrorists, Syrian gov't eyeing chemical stores

(Newser) - As Syria's brutal civil war beats on, the White House is growing ever more concerned about the country's large chemical weapon stash falling into terrorist hands—especially Hezbollah, which has set up training camps close to some storage sites. But if the United States wants to secure those... More »

Hezbollah: That Was Our Drone Over Israel

Group's leader says parts came from Iran

(Newser) - Hezbollah confirmed today what many Mideast observers already guessed: It sent up the spy drone over Israel that was shot down last weekend, and it got help in doing so from Iran, reports the BBC . The unmanned craft may have been destroyed by Israeli jets, but Hezbollah's leader boasted... More »

Drone Retaliation: Israeli Jets Buzz Lebanon

Lawmaker accuses Hezbollah of launching Iranian drone

(Newser) - Israeli fighter planes flew low over Lebanese towns today in apparent retaliation for a mysterious drone that crossed Israel this weekend, the AP reports. The military didn't directly blame Hezbollah—a powerful Shiite group in Lebanon—for the drone, but Haaretz pointed a finger at them and an Israeli... More »

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Video Makers

Producer goes into hiding; actress posts 'scared' letter

(Newser) - As rage over an anti-Islamic video erupts into more violent protests— Afghanistan and Pakistan are among the latest—Iran is vowing to hunt down the makers of Innocence of Muslims, the Telegraph reports. "The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns ... this inappropriate and offensive action," said... More »

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