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Judge Rules on Trump Supporter Booted From NYC Bar

Greg Piatek's lawsuit gets dismissed

(Newser) - A New York bar can apparently toss out a customer for wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap—which Greg Piatek found out the hard way, CNN reports. The Philadelphia man says he went to The Happiest Hour bar in the West Village last January and couldn't get... More »

Bar Takes a Stand Against Word 'Literally'

The Continental in New York City posts a tongue-in-cheek warning that causes a stir

(Newser) - A Manhattan bar that previously made waves for banning people in saggy pants will now figuratively kick you out for saying the word "literally." A sign posted this week at The Continental tells patrons that "literally" is "the most overused, annoying word in the English language... More »

Armed Robbers Pick Wrong Venue: Bar Filled With Cops

'It's kind of odd you would even attempt it,' bar owner says

(Newser) - There's never really a "right" place or time to try to pull off an armed robbery, but some places and times are worse than others, as two suspects found out Tuesday. Per the Baltimore Sun , off-duty Baltimore County cops attending a fellow officer's retirement party at Monaghan'... More »

Bar Owner Leaves Thank-You Notes on Cars Left Overnight

'A thank you for being responsible'

(Newser) - Paula Grzelak-Schultz returned to her car the morning after a night of drinking to see what we all fear: a slip of paper under the windshield wiper. Lucky for Paula, it wasn't a ticket or an angry note about her leaving her car there overnight—it was a letter... More »

First of the Paris Targets Reopens Its Doors

A La Bonne Biere's doors open once again after 5 died there on Nov. 13

(Newser) - Three weeks after the deadly terror attacks in Paris, one of the targeted venues has opened its doors again, making it the first of the targets to do so. Customers filtered Friday into A La Bonne Biere—where five people perished at the hands of Islamic State gunmen on Nov.... More »

Coming to South Dakota: Shooting Range Plus Saloon

Seems like a smart combination...

(Newser) - Take a saloon and combine it with a shooting range ... what could possibly go wrong? Deadwood, South Dakota, will soon find out. The City Commission looks poised to allow local businessman Greg Vecchi to open an indoor shooting range with a saloon inside—the appropriately-named Bullets and Beer Saloon, the... More »

California May Extend Last Call to 4am

State lawmaker introduces bill to let bars stay open longer

(Newser) - The last call for drinks is 2am in California, but one lawmaker believes that's just too early to set down the shot glasses and beer steins. State Sen. Mark Leno's proposal to let the liquor flow until 4am as a way to draw more tourists—and with them... More »

Cameron Leaves 8-Year-Old at Pub

Bar staff takes care of Nancy

(Newser) - Shortly after leaving a pub yesterday afternoon, David Cameron realized he'd left something behind: his daughter. The British prime minister thought Nancy, 8, was with wife Samantha; Samantha thought the girl was in the car her husband was traveling in. In fact, she was in the bathroom, the Sun... More »

Controversial App Scans Faces of Bar Customers

Idea is to help people pick locales, but critics see it as a stalker app

(Newser) - A new app designed to enhance a user's bar-hopping has tipplers raising a stink over privacy concerns, and the Week offers an overview: SceneTap works by syncing up with cameras installed inside bars in various cities. The cameras use facial-detection software to scan the crowd, determine the genders and... More »

Video Captures Angry Smoker in Chainsaw Barfight

British pub patron swings crazily at customers

(Newser) - An angry Brit has pleaded guilty to charging into a pub with a chainsaw after he was kicked out for smoking, the Daily Mail reports. Dean Dinnen, 24, swung the saw wildly at customers, slicing a tendon in one man and sending others scampering. Defending themselves with bar stools, patrons... More »

Harry Captains Royal Bar Hop in San Diego

From Apache helicopters to brewskis in California

(Newser) - Hail Britannica. The royal party boy has finally sloshed up along our shores—for some San Diego area bar hopping. "Harry Wales" took some time out from Apache helicopter training just a day after he arrived in California to hit not one but "several" night spots, reports the... More »

Jersey Drunken Driver Can Sue His Bar

State's top court sides with motorcyclist who drank too much

(Newser) - Bartenders, beware: The New Jersey Supreme Court has given a drunken driver the right to sue the bar that served him, reports the Asbury Park Press . When Frederick Voss crashed his motorcycle in 2006, his blood-alcohol level was .196%—almost two and a half times the legal limit. Voss pleaded... More »

PETA Fumes Over Goldfish Racing

Bar patrons squirt fish along canals

(Newser) - A Seattle bar has ended its weekly goldfish races after PETA unleashed its fury—but other hangouts “are saying screw you to the PETA folks,” says the bar owner halting the practice. What, you ask, is a goldfish race? It means plopping fish into plastic tubes of water,... More »

US Lacks Good Local Pubs

If they exist, they're usually crowded and noisy

(Newser) - A trip to London has Ryan Avent lamenting the lack of good neighborhood pubs in the US. "That’s largely because it’s very difficult to open new bars," the Economist editor writes at his blog . "And the result is a pernicious feedback loop." Two few... More »

Gossip Girl Puts Another Nail in Speakeasy's Coffin

A good cocktail is timeless; this trend is not

(Newser) - Not even a month after one mag wished for the speakeasy trend to die, Gossip Girl (yes, a show about high school and college kids, but that’s another topic) is pounding another nail in the cocktail conceit, Derek Brown writes. With one of the show’s characters opening a... More »

World's Most Legendary Bars

(Newser) - Even the most enjoyable vacation can leave you in need of a drink, and bars make great, offbeat places to learn about the history of your destination. The staff of shares its favorite legendary watering holes with Reuters:
  • Harry’s Bar, Venice: Famed Hemingway haunt claims to have
... More »

UK Weighs Limits on 'Binge Bars'

Brown calls time on drink promotions in effort to reduce rowdiness

(Newser) - British pubs that offer "all you can drink" promotions may soon find themselves banned from serving alcohol under tough new measures to curb binge drinking, the Independent reports. Gordon Brown declined to introduce a minimum drink price as some activists had called for, but the PM promised that the... More »

As Biz Fizzles, UK Pubs Hit Last Call

Cash-strapped Brits hit up supermarkets for cheaper booze

(Newser) - A proud British tradition is going down the drain as debt squeezes the two chains that own one-third of UK pubs, the Wall Street Journal reports. Instead of heading to their local establishments, many British drinkers pick up booze with their groceries for about half the price they'd pay at... More »

Real 'Cheers' Bartender Laid Off

(Newser) - For 35 years, Eddie Doyle has been the most famous bartender at Boston’s most famous bar, pouring drinks, signing autographs, and raising more than $1 million for charity along the way. Now, he’s unemployed. Cheers, the bar that inspired the TV show of the same name, has laid... More »

Quirky Alaska Police Blotter Earns Cult Status

Blotter 'poet' chronicles the ways visiting fisherman cause trouble

(Newser) - A remote Alaska fishing port may have gotten its first taste of celebrity as home of the Deadliest Catch TV show, but the police blotter of Dutch Harbor is gaining a cult following all its own, reports the Los Angeles Times. The recounts of bar fights, eagle attacks, the occasional... More »

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