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Mexico: Radioactive Material Has Been Stolen

Iridium-192 swiped off truck in southern part of country

(Newser) - Radioactive material has been stolen off a truck in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco, and Mexico has put four neighboring states and federal agencies on alert as it seeks to recover the iridium-192, which CBS News reports is capable of causing serious lesions and death within a day if... More »

Mexican Gunmen Kill Elite Cop, 6 Kids

Several others killed as Mexico implodes

(Newser) - Mexican gunmen rained bullets on the home of an elite cop, killing him, six children in his extended family and five others. The officer was assigned to ferret out police corruption, reports the Los Angeles Times. The violence was unusual for oil-rich Tobasco, which has been largely immune from such... More »

Flood Victims Fight for Food

20,000 still trapped on rooftops as workers focus on 'selective evacuations'

(Newser) - Mexican flood victims fought for food and medicine today, as workers continued efforts to rescue 20,000 still stranded on rooftops, the AP reports. Some camped on upper floors or roofs to guard possessions, while others went looking—some looting—for food. One worker said rescuers were focusing on "... More »

Message From Rooftop: 'Send the Police'

Thousands await aid in Mexican floods; 800,000 homeless

(Newser) - People in southeastern Mexico endured another day huddled in shelters or perched on rooftops as the flooding that has left 800,000 people homeless continued unabated, Reuters reports. The death toll rose to eight—seven in Chiapas state and one in Tabasco. But people are desperate for faster help: "... More »

'Biblical' Flood Ravages Mexico

Million flee homes amid fears of disease, food and water shortages

(Newser) - Shortages of food, drinking water, and medicine threaten southeastern Mexico, where muddy flood waters cover 80% of the state of Tabasco and almost a million people have had to flee their homes. "The scene here is terrible, it's biblical," a Red Cross official told the Guardian, as a... More »

Mexico Floods Strand 300,000

Rescuers scramble in Gulf state of Tabasco

(Newser) - Rescuers are racing to southeastern Mexico by boat and helicopter to free 300,000 people trapped in their homes by massive flooding, the BBC reports. Nearly 70% of the state of Tabasco is under water and all crops have been obliterated. "We are just like New Orleans," the... More »

6 Stories