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Dems Finish Frustrating Year in DC

Despite control of Congress, cherished initiatives elude them

(Newser) - Democrats are leaving Washington with a decidedly unsatisfactory taste in their mouths after their first year back in charge of Congress in more than a decade, the LA Times reports. Though they can count successes with the energy bill, the minimum wage, and ethics reforms, they failed to put a... More »

Kids' Health Care Bill Heads for 2nd Veto

Senate passes revised S-CHIP, but Bush says it won't pass muster

(Newser) - The Senate yesterday passed a revised S-CHIP bill that would provide health insurance for 10 million underprivileged children, CNN reports, but President Bush has vowed a second veto because it raises tobacco taxes. The bill passed 64-30, with high-profile Republicans such as Charles Grassley joining the majority. More »

Bush Blasts Dems' Expanded Child Health Bill

Prez threatens veto despite bipartisan support in Senate

(Newser) - President Bush threatened to veto a children's health insurance bill today, knocking Democrats he said were politicizing the issue by moving too far toward universal health care. The Senate last month passed an expanded "S-chip" program that would cover an additional 4 million children currently uninsured, the New York ... More »

3 Stories