Central Washington University

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Mass Overdose Stuns Central Wash. U

Dozen students hospitalized after drinks spiked

(Newser) - Police believe a mass spiking of drinks was responsible for turning a house party in rural Washington state into a nightmare. A dozen Central Washington University students, mostly young women, were rushed to hospital after they overdosed; some say that the date-rape drug Rohypnol had been mixed into their beverages,... More »

Communicating Chimp Signs Off

Washoe, simian with impressive vocabulary, is dead at 42

(Newser) - Washoe, the first non-human to learn a human language, is being remembered as a linguistic pioneer and a "polite, cheerful person," even though she was a chimp. Washoe, who died this week at 42, could use around 250 different American Sign Language signs in conversation, the Seattle Times ... More »

2 Stories