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Why We Fart More on Airplanes

Danish physician probes the science of flatulence

(Newser) - When someone passes gas at 35,000 feet, there's nowhere to hide—so a Danish doctor has come up with ways to fart less on airplanes and better disguise the odor when we do, the BBC reports. The doctor, Jacob Rosenberg, says the topic grabbed him on a long... More »

Robot Travels as Airline Passenger

LAX says Athena's journey is a first

(Newser) - No danger of this passenger experiencing an episode of nut rage : In what Los Angeles International Airport says is an aviation first, a robot traveled as a paying passenger on Monday, sitting in an economy-class seat of its own on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, Germany, Reuters reports. "Athena,... More »

Passenger Chucks Boiling Water on Flight Attendant

Chinese couple put on travel blacklist after flight forced back

(Newser) - An AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing was forced to turn around after an irate passenger deliberately threw boiling water on a flight attendant, the airline says. According to the airline, a Chinese couple who were traveling with a tour group became furious when they were seated apart, and instead... More »

Airline Chief's Daughter Delays Flight Over Nuts

Korean Air exec ordered crew member off plane

(Newser) - Korean Air Lines apologized today for inconveniencing passengers after the daughter of its chairman ordered a crew member off a flight for serving bagged nuts in the first-class cabin. According to the South Korean daily Segye Ilbo, the flight from New York City to Incheon, South Korea, returned to the... More »

JetBlue Cuts Legroom, Adds Bag Fees

Which leaves Southwest as only airline without such fees

(Newser) - The latest flower in the drooping and ponderous bouquet we like to call "why everyone hates airlines" comes via special delivery from JetBlue, which is cutting one thing passengers do like and adding one thing they don't. The airline, which the Wall Street Journal notes is looking to... More »

Tweeter: JetBlue Booted Me Off Flight for Griping

Apparently, you'd better mumble about delays under your breath

(Newser) - Apparently, airlines are watching what you tweet and are unamused by your antics : A woman says JetBlue gave her the boot from a flight out of Philly after she began tweeting about her delayed flight yesterday—which she says was further delayed by a passenger joke. "It had been... More »

Satellite Firm: We'll Track World's Jets for Free

Firm's data helped narrow search for MH370

(Newser) - The world will never face another mystery like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 again, a British satellite firm promises. The airline industry has resisted the use of satellite tracking because of the costs involved but Inmarsat says it will offer a free tracking service to the world's airlines, using GPS... More »

The Best Day to Buy a Plane Ticket Is...

Thursday, according to latest airfare study

(Newser) - When should you buy your next plane ticket? According to a new fare study from Hopper , Thursday is the best day to book both domestic and international tickets. But keep in mind that it won't save you much: There's just a $10 difference between the best day to... More »

American Airlines Drops Bereavement Discounts

Move puts it in sync with new partner US Airways

(Newser) - American Airlines has ended its policy of extending special fares to passengers who must book a last-minute flight because of a relative's death. The move brings American in line with the policy at merger partner US Airways , which does not offer bereavement fares. American didn't have a specific... More »

Pilot Shortage Hits, and It's Worse Than Predicted

And it has regional airlines canceling flights

(Newser) - Reports have long warned that America's airlines were on the verge of a pilot shortage, but the Wall Street Journal proclaims that it has arrived "sooner and more severely than expected." Regional carriers are canceling flights—last week, for example, Great Lakes Aviation said that "due... More »

Oops: Delta Website Glitch Doles Out Cheap Tickets

Airline will honor the discount prices

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines had an inadvertent sale today, all thanks to a website glitch, reports Bloomberg . Lucky customers boasted on social media of scooping up round-trip flights across the country for about $50 at before the company figured out what was happening. The good news for those customers... More »

Delta, Southwest, JetBlue: No Phone Calls Mid-Flight

Airlines decide before FCC makes decision on rule change

(Newser) - The feds might soon lift rules that forbid plane passengers from talking on their cell phones during flights, but the airlines themselves are balking. Delta announced today that it won't allow such calls no matter what the FCC decides, reports the LA Times . The airline joins Southwest and JetBlue... More »

FCC Chair Doesn't Want Phones in Air Either, But...

'...we are not the Federal Courtesy Commission' he explains

(Newser) - A bit of advice for the Federal Communications Commission: Nobody seems to want you to lift your ban on in-flight cell phone use. The Department of Transportation is firmly against the move, as are airlines, flight attendants, and, according to polls, the majority of passengers, the Wall Street Journal finds.... More »

Here's How Much Airfares Have Jumped Since '05

6.5% overall, and that's after inflation

(Newser) - Feel like you're paying more for a plane ticket these days? You are. USA Today did an analysis of fares at the 100 busiest airports in the country, and found that on average, prices are up 6.5% (after adjusting for inflation) since 2005. The biggest fare change: Savannah-Hilton... More »

Airlines Should Charge Cell Talkers $100 Per Minute

Let's stop loud conversations before they start: Spud Hilton

(Newser) - Air travel is bad enough with other passengers barging to the front of the line at the gate, greedily taking up luggage-rack space, and getting in each other's way at the carousel; do we really want to add loud cell-phone chatter to the mix, as the FCC is considering... More »

Airport Takes Step Toward Being World's Biggest

1st commercial passengers landed at Dubai's Al Maktoum yesterday

(Newser) - When Al Maktoum International Airport is finished, it's expected to be the biggest hub in the world—and it began seeing commercial passengers yesterday. Cargo flights have been operating at the airport since 2010, but that completion date likely won't occur until 2027, a roughly 10-year delay spawned... More »

FAA Panel Clears Gadgets for Takeoff: Source

Gadgets, WiFi OKed for under 10K feet

(Newser) - The end is in sight for that game in which the flight attendant tells you to turn off your e-reader for takeoff like she really thinks it's going to crash the plane, and you nod solemnly and pretend to actually turn it off until she's out of sight.... More »

JetBlue Shifts Strategy, Will Offer First-Class Seats

But 'Mint' will be available only to cross-country fliers

(Newser) - JetBlue has famously eschewed the idea of first-class seating with the mantra that all its passengers get equal treatment. Until now. As USA Today reports, the airline is creating a first-class option in everything but name—instead, call it Mint. The swankier seating will be available next summer but only... More »

The Economy Is Just Like a Plane: Coach Sucks

And first class is constantly getting nicer

(Newser) - Take a good look at first class on the way to your cramped coach seat the next time you take a flight, because "airline seating may be the best concrete expression of what's happened to the economy in recent decades," writes Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post... More »

Southwest Cancels Flights Over Computer Glitch

About 60 scheduled for last night and this morning were scrapped

(Newser) - A system-wide computer failure forced Southwest Airlines to ground its entire fleet of airplanes preparing for departures late yesterday, and at least 57 flights had to be canceled even after service was fully restored hours later. A spokesman said 43 of the cancellations were flights scheduled for departures last night... More »

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