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Cheney Wasn't Puppetmaster, Say Bush Aides

Members of inner circle rip beliefs about presidency as 'hooey'

(Newser) - Popular beliefs about the Bush presidency are way off the mark, a pair of top advisers who served throughout the administration tell the Washington Post. The idea that Vice President Dick Cheney wielded unprecedented power and pulled the strings on Bush's foreign policy is "just hooey," said Chief... More »

Bush Meets 5 China Dissidents Ahead of Games

White House steps up support for human rights before Olympics

(Newser) - President Bush welcomed five prominent Chinese dissidents to the White House yesterday, a week before he leaves for the Olympics. The invitation was one of several moves to intensify pressure on Beijing to respect human rights. Earlier in the day, Bush urged the Chinese foreign minister, who was meeting with... More »

Rove Linked to Talking-Heads Scandal, Despite Denial

White House denies it knew of Pentagon program, but adviser turns up in documents

(Newser) - The plot thickens in the case of “military analysts” programmed by the Pentagon to give the party line on TV, Glenn Greenwald asserts in Salon: Documents show the White House—despite denials—had a hand in keeping the retired generals “on message”—and indeed that Pentagon higher-ups... More »

Olympic Boycott Is a 'Cop-Out': Bush Adviser

Says skipping opening ceremony isn't effective protest against China

(Newser) - The foreign dignitaries opting to skip the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony are engaging in a "cop-out," said President Bush's national security adviser today. What's more, claimed Stephen Hadley, they're missing an opportunity to meaningfully pressure China via behind-the-scenes diplomacy—as the US is doing. Bush has said he... More »

Bush to Israel: NIE Was Wrong

Prez privately telling Israel he doesn't believe Iran has shut down nukes

(Newser) - President Bush is privately assuring Israel’s leaders that he doesn’t believe the National Intelligence Estimate's conclusion that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. In disavowing December's NIE, Bush said the “conclusions don't reflect his own views,” a US official told Newsweek. The private pledge... More »

Bush Sees Palestinian State Deal 'Within Year'

But also backs controversial Israeli settlements

(Newser) - President Bush announced today after a historic meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he envisions an independent Palestinian state within a year—just hours after he also vowed to back a decision by Israel to create settlements in disputed parts of Jerusalem, over international objections. The president's juggling demonstrates... More »

Rice Ordered to Testify in Espionage Trial

10 top officials subpoenaed on behalf of pro-Israel lobbyists

(Newser) - In a rare move, a federal judge yesterday ordered Condoleezza Rice and 10 other high-ranking officials to testify at the upcoming trial of two pro-Israel lobbyists accused of espionage. National security adviser Stephen Hadley and former Defense official Paul Wolfowitz are among those subpoenaed to testify on behalf of the... More »

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