Central Park

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In Central Park, a Rare Brilliance Spotted

Mandarin duck, usually seen only in Asia, shows up out of the blue in NYC

(Newser) - If there's anywhere you'll see a punk rocker with a "multicolored mohawk," New York City would be the place. But the Mandarin duck that's been hanging out in Central Park since mid-October is another story entirely. The New York Times reports the creature with brilliantly... More »

Mom, Kids Hit by Falling Tree in NYC. Now She's Suing

Anne Monoky Goldman seeks $200M in damages

(Newser) - A woman hospitalized after she was hit by a falling tree while protecting her three young sons is suing New York City and the Central Park Conservancy for $200 million, WABC reports. According to ABC News , 39-year-old Anne Monoky Goldman was pushing two of her children, ages 4 and 2,... More »

Donald Trump Refuses to Admit the Central Park 5 Are Innocent

Trump "was the fire starter, he lit the match," says one of the falsely accused group

(Newser) - Donald Trump has revived the controversy over his opinion on the 1989 "Central Park Jogger" case. New York City was rocked by the sensational crime, in which a young woman jogging alone in Central Park at night was bludgeoned, raped, tied up and left for dead. Five teenage boys—... More »

Teen Faces Amputation After Blast in Central Park

Cops are trying to figure out if it was a firework Conner Golden stepped on or something 'more sinister'

(Newser) - A group of friends enjoying a morning in NYC's Central Park stumbled onto misfortune Sunday when one apparently stepped on an explosive, severely injuring his leg, the New York Post reports. The FDNY says the explosion happened around 11am at 68th Street and Fifth Avenue, per NBC New York... More »

Section of Central Park Closed for 80 Years Just Reopened

It was closed as a bird sanctuary in the 1930s

(Newser) - Four of Central Park's 843 acres that have remained largely hidden for 80 years are finally open to the public once again, the New York Times reports. According to Curbed New York , the Hallett Nature Sanctuary—originally known as the Promontory—is adjacent to the Pond in the southeast... More »

Futuristic Central Park Design Proposes a 'Sidescraper'

Design calls for excavating the park

(Newser) - A headline at CityLab calls it the "worst idea in history," but a design that includes digging up Manhattan's Central Park 1,000 feet to the bedrock and then erecting a reflective glass building around it has won this year's eVolo Skyscraper Competition . The project called... More »

Trump Tombstone Pops Up in Central Park

Grave marker in NYC made some do a double take

(Newser) - Donald Trump's presidential campaign is alive and kicking, as is Trump himself—though a tombstone found in NYC's Central Park may have had passersby thinking otherwise, ABC News reports. Visitors to the park stumbled across the grave marker , located in the Sheep Meadow section, over the weekend, and... More »

It's So Cold in NYC, Ice Festival Has Been Canceled

Weather could drop to minus-10 with wind chill

(Newser) - It's too cold in New York City for the annual Central Park Ice Festival. The Central Park Conservancy says Saturday's event has been canceled. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures in the teens on Saturday for New York. But wind chills could drop to between zero and minus-10,... More »

Teacher: I Was Fired Over 'Central Park Five' Lesson

NYC educator says school officials feared 'riots'

(Newser) - The Central Park Five were wrongfully convicted of a jogger's brutal rape and beating in a case that shook New York City 25 years ago. Now, a city teacher says she's been fired for creating a lesson plan about the case, reports the New York Daily News . Jeena... More »

Donald Trump Trademarked Famous NYC Landmark

He can put 'Central Park' on everything from coffee percolators to garbage cans

(Newser) - According to the AP , Donald Trump is the "single biggest private, for-profit holder of Central Park trademarks on specific goods." How specific? He holds the rights for putting "Central Park" on chandeliers, key chains, flashlights, tables, pencil boxes, coffee grinders, trash cans, filaments for electric lights, and... More »

Bear Cub Found in Central Park Was Killed by Car

But officials still don't know how it ended up in NYC

(Newser) - A bear cub mysteriously found dead in New York City's Central Park on Monday appears to have been hit and killed by a vehicle, according to state authorities, but that information doesn't explain the central mystery of how it ended up in a bush near 69th Street in... More »

Mystery in Central Park: Dead Bear Cub

Police say she appears to have been dragged to bush where she was found

(Newser) - Lots of unexpected creatures have been found in New York City's Central Park—alligators, snapping turtles, koi carp, and even pet pigs on leashes. But the 3-foot black bear cub found dead near 69th Street yesterday is among the least expected, so rare that the most recent sighting people... More »

Scientists Surprised by Central Park Dirt

It has as much biodiversity as soils 'from the Arctic to Antarctica'

(Newser) - Dirt probably isn't something you'd think of as having "so much going on," but scientist Kelly Ramirez begs to differ. She's sampled dirt from tropical forests to deserts around the world and found it "teeming with so many different types of organisms," she... More »

Wrongly Convicted Central Park 5 to Get $40M

NYC settlement adds up to $1 million per year in jail

(Newser) - Five New York City men wrongly convicted in their teens for the rape and beating of a jogger in Central Park are to receive around $1 million per year of imprisonment. The black and Hispanic "Central Park Five"—who were aged 14 to 16 when they were caught... More »

Fake Banksys Sell Much Better Than the Real Deal

Stand told customers they weren't the genuine article

(Newser) - When the real Banksy set up a humble Central Park stand, selling canvases for $60 each instead of the tens of thousands they were worth, he sold just three paintings. A week later, the not-at-all-genuine article fared much better. Artist, author, and prankster Ken Circelli set up a stand at... More »

Falling Branch Wounds Again in Central Park

Female tourist has head injuries, broken arm

(Newser) - A tourist was left seriously injured yesterday afternoon after a tree branch fell on her in New York's Central Park, the Times reports. Sharon Reese, 59, was visiting from Indiana with her husband; she was talking and conscious when the fire department responded. The Daily News reports that, in... More »

Billionaire Gives $100M to NYC's Central Park

Paulson gift biggest ever given to a park

(Newser) - Hedge fund manager John Paulson is parting with a chunk of his $11 billion fortune to make what is believed to be the biggest donation a park has ever received. Paulson, who made his fortune betting against subprime mortgages before the housing market crashed, is giving $100 million to preserve... More »

Central Park Rape Suspect Busted

Drifter has history of sex attacks on elderly women

(Newser) - A homeless man with an extensive criminal record has been arrested on suspicion of raping and robbing a 73-year-woman in New York City's Central Park earlier this week. Police patrols around the park were beefed up after the elderly bird watcher was attacked in broad daylight. David Albert Mitchell,... More »

Central Park Bird Watcher Raped in Broad Daylight

'Do you remember me?' attacker asked

(Newser) - "Do you remember me?" That's what a man asked a 73-year-old bird watcher in Central Park yesterday before allegedly beating and raping her, the New York Times reports. And indeed, the woman did remember him: She'd spotted the man masturbating in the park a week and a... More »

Swimmer Takes Dip in Central Park Reservoir

He's lassoed by firefighters

(Newser) - It apparently got a little too hot yesterday for a guy who decided to take a leisurely swim—through New York City's Central Park Reservoir. The swimmer, in his 40s, scaled a chain link fence surrounding the 40-foot-deep reservoir. He refused firefighters' orders to get out, so three of... More »

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