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Google's Latest Buy: Military Robot Firm

Boston Dynamics contraption is world's fastest robot runner

(Newser) - Google has purchased its eighth robotics company of the year, and its latest acquisition makes the fastest-running robot on the planet. Boston Dynamics, inventor of the Cheetah, gets US military funding to make mobile robots, the BBC reports. Along with the Cheetah—which can run 29mph—company projects include BigDog,... More »

Google's Next Big Investment: Robots

Company turns to Android guru Andy Rubin

(Newser) - Amazon isn't the only big Internet firm in the robotics game : Google is at work on some literal androids. As part of the effort, it has quietly bought up seven US and Japanese tech companies in the past half-year, the New York Times reports. The company is hoping to... More »

Android Chief: Siri, Schmiri. Phone Is Not an Assistant

Andy Rubin not interested in Siri-like functionality

(Newser) - Android users, don’t hold out hope for your phone to get a Siri -like function anytime in the near future. “I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant,” Android chief Andy Rubin tells All Things D . “Your phone is a tool for communicating.... More »

Robot-Man Behind Google Phone

Engineer Andy Rubin: Gadget fanatic, longtime smartphone innovator

(Newser) - The man behind the Google Phone is gadget guru Andy Rubin, a robotics fanatic whose love of cutting-edge toys puts him at odds with the Google anti-conspicuous-consumption ethos. A Times profile finds Rubin at home in a palace of technology, with a retinal scanner at the door and a robotic... More »

4 Stories