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Pakistan Will Try Musharraf for Treason

Former strongman could face life in prison, death

(Newser) - Pakistan has been showing signs of easing up on Pervez Musharraf , but today it announced that the former military dictator is going to stand trial on charges of treason for his imposition of emergency rule in 2007. A guilty verdict could result in a death sentence or life in prison,... More »

Bahrain's King to End Emergency Law

Announcement comes as trial against activists begins

(Newser) - Bahrain's king set a fast-track timetable to end martial law-style rule today in a bid to display confidence that authorities have smothered a pro-reform uprising even as rights groups denounced the hard-line measures. The announcement to lift emergency rule two weeks early on June 1 came just hours after... More »

Philippine Massacre Death Toll Hits 57

Government declares emergency rule in Maguindanao province

(Newser) - Another 11 bodies have been found in the mass grave where dozens were killed in election related slaughter in the Philippines. The death toll now stands at 57, including 24 women, Reuters reports. The government has imposed emergency rule on the southern province, sending in 500 soldiers, and disbanding a... More »

8 Die in Armenia; US Urges Calm

Opposition leader asks protesters to lie low until emergency rule ends

(Newser) - Troops patrolled quiet downtown Yerevan today after police fired back at thousands of protesters this weekend and killed eight, Reuters reports. Authorities have declared emergency rule and outlawed mass meetings for the next 3 weeks. "We won't give up, we will be fighting to the very end," said... More »

Armenia Attacks Protesters

Country declares emergency rule, kills 1 as rallies rage for 2nd week

(Newser) - Armenian cops fired on a crowd of protesters today and killed at least one as the country declared emergency rule, Reuters reports. Protests have raged daily since a Feb. 19 presidential election that opponents say was rigged for ex-premier Serzh Sarksyan. Police are holding opposition hopeful Levon Ter-Petrosian under house... More »

Constitutional Changes Spark New Battles in Pakistan

Opponents vow to undo Musharraf's revisions

(Newser) - Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf just retired his army uniform, but he should prepare for a fight, the AP says, as Nawaz Sharif's opposition group plans to reverse constitutional revisions he made before lifting emergency rule yesterday. Musharraf imposed limits on the press, sealed the retirements of Supreme Court judges, and... More »

Musharraf Lifts Emergency Rule

Curbs remain on media, and some lawyers and judges still under house arrest

(Newser) - Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf today lifted the state of emergency he imposed in his nation, sending crowds into the street to celebrate the change and protest Musharraf's administration. Critics say media curbs and an altered judiciary, with some judges and lawyers under house arrest, will remain in place and that... More »

Musharraf Set to Restore Constitution*

*But he'll tweak it first to ensure he can't be prosecuted

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf is set to lift Pakistan's state of emergency Saturday, but he's not going to take any guff for it—the president will only restore the constitution if it is first amended so he can't be tried for actions during the past 6 weeks of emergency rule. As lawyers... More »

Sharif Vows to End Dictatorship

Ex-PM lands in Lahore amid thousands of supporters, will file nomination papers

(Newser) - Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif touched down in Lahore after eight years in exile and, amid the cheers of thousands, vowed to end the dictatorship of President Pervez Musharraf: "We want democracy and nothing else."  Musharraf blocked Sharif's last  attempted return, in September, deporting him before he... More »

Musharraf May Quit Army Post by Saturday

Emergency rule eases; cricket star among thousands released

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf may quit his army post as soon as Saturday, the AP reports, and be immediately sworn in for his next five-year presidential term. The Supreme Court will likely declare tomorrow that Musharraf can continue to rule, and the Election Commission can then confirm his electoral victory from October.... More »

Pakistan Rebuffs US Demands

Alarmed US warns it will not recognize elections under emergency rule

(Newser) - Alarmed at the deteriorating crisis in Pakistan, the US has made it clear it will not  recognize the results of elections held under emergency rule. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, on a special mission to Pakistan, failed to convince President Musharraf to free political prisoners, resign as army commander... More »

Musharraf Says Edict Protects Elections

General reiterates refusal to lift emergency, jibes back at Bhutto

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf defended his 10-day-old emergency rule today, rejecting the US demand to lift it quickly and saying the edict is meant to protect elections. In a Times interview, Pakistan’s president said, “I don’t know, I don’t know” when asked the duration of the suspension of... More »

Musharraf to Bhutto: Stay Put

Ex-PM's 'long march,' set for tomorrow, will test emergency rule

(Newser) - The Pakistani government today rejected Benazir Bhutto's plan to lead a "long march" from Lahore to Islamabad starting tomorrow, Reuters reports. "Rallies and protests are banned, they are not allowed," said the information minister. Bhutto has vowed to proceed with the protest of Pervez Musharraf's emergency rule... More »

Bhutto Ratchets Up Pressure

She rallies with journalists but is blocked from seeing ousted top judge

(Newser) - Benazir Bhutto took advantage of her newfound freedom today to join a journalists' rally against Pakistan's media blackout, but police prevented her from visiting the ousted chief justice of the Supreme Court, who is under house arrest, Reuters reports. "He is the chief justice," she shouted over a... More »

Bhutto Restraint Order Lifted

Ex-PM's supporters rally, meet police, tear gas

(Newser) - Pakistan lifted the restraint order on Benazir Bhutto's house today hours after police prevented the ex-PM from leading a rally against Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule, the Guardian reports. Authorities immobilized her as part of a general ban on political assembly but said they were also acting for Bhutto's... More »

Bush Urges Musharraf to Relent

President calls on Pakistan leader to hold elections, give up uniform

(Newser) - President Bush today spoke to Pervez Musharraf for the first time since the declaration of emergency rule and urged the Pakistani leader to quit his military post and hold elections promptly, Reuters reports. "I had a very frank discussion with him," Bush said. The move comes as Benazir... More »

Pakistan Promises Election

Musharraf vows to leave military as emergency rule continues

(Newser) - Pakistan answered worldwide criticism of its military rule today by vowing to hold national elections in January, Reuters reports. "We don't want to disrupt the election process. We want a free election," the PM said. President Pervez Musharraf also promised to leave the military “once we correct... More »

Pakistani Police Battle Lawyers

Hundreds more arrested as cops storm courthouse rally protesting emergency rule

(Newser) - Baton-swinging Pakistani police clashed violently today with lawyers across the nation demonstrating against President Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule and suspension of civil rights. Hundreds were were arrested, joining 1,500 activists detained yesterday. In the largest confrontation security forces rushed 2,000 demonstrators outside the high court in... More »

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