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Paul Ryan a Centrist? Pure Myth

Paul Krugman: Obama is the real moderate

(Newser) - Paul Krugman has already declared the Paul Ryan budget worse than pink slime. Now he's wondering why folks are calling Ryan some kind of centrist when his budget would deny health care to millions, cut taxes on the rich, and do little to fix the deficit. The trouble is... More »

Obama's Suddenly a Centrist

Shifting president must be worried about independents

(Newser) - President Obama must be worried about independents and moderates, because he’s made a dramatic shift to the center in recent days. In an economics speech Tuesday, Obama lavished praise on small businesses, promising tax cuts as incentives to grow. “This is how Republicans, moderates and centrists think, and... More »

Time to Pick a Side on Health Care Reform

House bill ain't perfect, but it's the best we're going to get

(Newser) - No more fence-sitting or holding out for a better bill. “It’s the defining moment for health care reform,” declares Paul Krugman. “Everyone has to decide which side they’re on.” By everyone he means not only politicians but people in the media and other influencers.... More »

Kennedy Legacy Testament to Power of Compromise

US political system 'rewards negotiators'

(Newser) - The political agenda outlined in Ted Kennedy’s speech at the 1980 Democratic convention was radical: Kennedy called for a policy of full employment, government intervention to “reindustrialize” American cities, and universal health care. Having lost the Democratic nomination, “his liberalism was unbound," writes David Brooks for... More »

GOP Looks to Centrists for 2010

Candidates should 'fit their states': Cornyn

(Newser) - As the GOP eyes 2010, it’s turning to centrist candidates to restore its health—despite a “good riddance” attitude to the departure of moderate Arlen Specter, Politico reports. “I’m absolutely committed to recruiting candidates around the country that fit their states,” said National Republican Senatorial... More »

What the GOP Needs Is a Bill Clinton

Douthat: Way out of this mess is to find a new breed of moderate

(Newser) - Republican moderates like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter are right that the GOP has a hole in the center, writes Ross Douthat in the New York Times. The problem is that they’re not the right kind of centrists to fill it. Yankee Republican moderates are either just... More »

Hey, Obama: Centrist Opposition Is Stirring

(Newser) - Be careful, President Obama. Your poll numbers are high, but political danger lurks, writes Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. The moderate candidate has shifted left as president, just as Bill Clinton did to his own detriment, and an "embryonic" centrist-right opposition is stirring. “Obama may be fostering... More »

Solis Is Cabinet's Lone Progressive

Obama's Cabinet stocked with moderates—except Solis

(Newser) - Progressives are viewing Barack Obama's ever-so-centrist Cabinet with disappointment, except for the notable pick of union friend Hilda Solis for labor secretary, Politico reports. Solis, a rising star in the House who had been viewed as a potential Speaker, is the daughter of a teamster and a factory worker, and... More »

Klein: Obama's Team of Rivals 'Strong and Wise'

Obama's rumored picks signal preference for diplomacy over militarism: Klein

(Newser) - If current rumblings are to be believed, Barack Obama’s national security team would be disparate indeed, consisting of Hillary Clinton at State, retired general Jim Jones as National Security Adviser, and Robert Gates sticking around as defense secretary. It’s an “extremely strong and wise,” team, writes... More »

Obama: Relax, I'm Not Running to the Center

Everyone's going to disagree with him sometimes, Dem says

(Newser) - Calling himself "no doubt progressive," Barack Obama today addressed accusations he has shifted to the center, the New York Times reports. “The people who say this apparently haven’t been listening to me,” he said, going on to cite his support for universal health care and... More »

Clinton Loses Right-Wing Media Allies

As senator looks to her left, conservative bedfellows are bailing

(Newser) - The conservative press, once a surprising ally for Hillary Clinton, is turning out to be about as loyal as the Democratic senator should have expected, Politico writes. Though long reviled by the far-right masses, Clinton once had the carefully cultivated respect of some rightish media players like Rupert Murdoch and... More »

Hizzoner's Still Eyeing an '08 Run

Won’t decide until March; what would a $1B run look like?

(Newser) - Mayor Mike has been quiet on the presidential front lately, but don't think the billionaire former Wall Streeter is quite resigned to the sidelines yet. Bloomberg will wait until the Democratic and Republican nominees are settled, after Texas’ primary in March, his top adviser tells Newsweek in a cover story... More »

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