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A 'Terrifying' Eruption, Then a Deadly Crash

8 in rescue helicopter died trying to get to tourists at Indonesia's Sileri Crater

(Newser) - The Sileri Crater, one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes, erupted Sunday, but although there were injuries, no one perished as the mountain spewed its lava, ash, and mud up to 165 feet in the air—until, that is, a rescue helicopter was sent in to help those at the... More »

Massive 3-Day Traffic Jam Kills 12 People

Millions were heading home for Muslim holiday in Indonesia

(Newser) - A dozen people died during a massive three-day, 13-mile traffic jam this week in Indonesia, the Guardian reports. According to the BBC , the jam was caused by construction at an intersection on the island of Java. The construction just so happened to coincide with millions of people heading home to... More »

Volcano's Massive Eruption Heard 125 Miles Away

100K flee as ash clouds Indonesia

(Newser) - A major volcanic eruption on Indonesia's most heavily populated island blasted clouds of ash and debris 12 miles into the air today, killing two people while forcing authorities to evacuate more than 100,000 and close six airports. The explosive overnight eruption of Java island's Mount Kelud, one... More »

Apple Says Hackers Infected Employee Macs

Attack is similar to one that hit Facebook, others

(Newser) - Apple says a small number of employee Macs at its offices were infected by malicious software, in an attack similar to the one Facebook acknowledged last week . In both cases, computers were infected through software downloaded from a site for software developers. The attacks took advantage of flaws in Oracle'... More »

Indonesia Quake Triggers Brief Tsunami Warning

No reports of damage yet from 6.7-magnitude temblor

(Newser) - A strong earthquake hit off Indonesia's main island of Java Monday, prompting authorities to briefly issue a tsunami warning and sending thousands of residents fleeing their homes in panic. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the 6.7-magnitude quake, which struck shortly after 3am local time.... More »

Tsunami, Volcano Kill 130 in Indonesia

Thousands flee erupting Java volcano

(Newser) - Twin disasters caused by activity in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" have killed at least 130 people in Indonesia. A tsunami triggered by an earthquake has killed more than 100 in an island chain west of Sumatra. Hundreds more villagers are missing. On the island of Java, the Mount... More »

17-Year-Old: I Caused Twitter Meltdown

'I did it merely to see if it could be done,' says Pearce Delphin

(Newser) - Remember the "mouseover" bug that sent unwitting Twitter users to Japanese porn sites yesterday? Well, it was caused by a 17-year-old Australian schoolboy. Pearce Delphin says he was the first one to try the mouseover trick. "I did it merely to see if it could be done ... that... More »

Java Landslide Buries 60

At least 6 killed at tea plantation

(Newser) - A landslide at a tea plantation in Java has killed at least 5 people and left 60 others buried, according to police on Indonesia's main island. Villagers are digging through tons of mud with farm tools and their bare hands searching for survivors, the AP reports. Days of heavy rain... More »

Bali Bombing Mastermind Killed in Java Raid

This time, it's really him—they have fingerprints to prove it

(Newser) - Indonesian police say they’ve killed their most-wanted terrorist, Noordin Muhamed Top, and this time, they’re really sure. The last time they declared Noordin dead, after an August raid in Central Java, they later admitted he had actually escaped. But this time they say they’ve done a fingerprint... More »

Asian Terror Kingpin Killed

(Newser) - Indonesian security forces have confirmed the death of the country's most wanted terrorist, ABC reports. Noordin Top, believed to have masterminded every terror attack in the country since 2002, including that year's Bali bombings and last month's Jakarta hotel bombings, was found dead after a 17-hour standoff and gun battle... More »

Indonesia Plane Crash Kills at Least 68

(Newser) - An Indonesian military plane carrying 112 people crashed and burst into flames today, killing at least 68, officials said. Dozens of people were injured and more were feared dead, with local television flashing footage of fire engulfing the wreckage and soldiers carrying bodies on stretchers. The C-130 Hercules was on... More »

Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems

(Newser) - Oracle Corp. has agreed to buy Sun Microsystems, swooping in after Sun’s talks with IBM fell apart. Oracle will pay $7.4 billion, or $9.50 a share for Sun, the Wall Street Journal reports, a 42% premium on Friday’s close. Though Sun has been losing money, Oracle... More »

As Starbucks Wanes, Java Fiends Revel in Indie Cafes

Deposed giant makes room for local stores

(Newser) - As Starbucks' financial troubles percolate, not all java fiends are bemoaning the loss of the chain's talls, grandes, and ventis, reports Reuters. In fact, many are celebrating the java giant's downturn and throwing their support behind small independent cafes. Starbucks is set to close 600 stores and lay off 12,... More »

Javanese Can't Stop the Mud

1½-year-old deluge of mud keeps on flowing

(Newser) - A toxic mud volcano has been flowing on the Indonesian island of Java for 18 months, and authorities are stuck. Since an energy company opened an underground fissure while drilling for natural gas, 11 villages have been swamped by the ooze. Plugging the hole with air-dropped concrete balls and hiring... More »

Thousands Defy Ash, Lava in Indonesia

Residents warned to flee; three volcanoes could blow

(Newser) - Thousands are ignoring orders to evacuate as Indonesia's Mount Kelud belches smoke and spits lava, the AP reports. "I feel it is OK to stay here. No one can guarantee our safety apart from ourselves," said one local in Java. But experts have had the volcano on high... More »

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