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'Harry Potter' Heads Back to Broadway

Daniel Radcliffe will star in 'How to Succeed in Business'

(Newser) - Harry Potter's alter ego is returning to the Broadway stage, and not only will he keep his clothes on this time around, but he'll also sing and dance. Daniel Radcliffe, 20, who stripped down when he starred in Equus in 2008, has landed the lead in a revival of How ... More »

Radcliffe Sick of Being Naked

'Harry Potter' star ready for new role

(Newser) - The idea of Harry Potter getting naked brought a lot of attention to Broadway’s Equus—but star Daniel Radcliffe is getting tired of stripping down with a fake horse every night, reports the New York Post. What’s next for the actor? Possibly a musical, he told his producer.... More »

Revealing Radcliffe Carries Equus

Harry Potter star delivers 'intense' performance

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe takes on a “mothball-preserved, off-the-rack part” as a teenage stable boy who blinds horses in the Broadway debut of Equus, and “wears it like a tailor’s delight,” writes Ben Brantley of the New York Times. Radcliffe’s “beautifully understated” acting and his “... More »

Naked Harry Hits Internet

Two days in New York was all it took

(Newser) - Just two previews into his bare-all Broadway debut, and naked photos of Daniel Radcliffe —best known to the world for playing a certain boy wizard —have already leaked online, the New York Daily News reports. Radcliffe managed to play the role for five months in London without a... More »

'Potter' Star to Bare All on Broadway

Equus starts 22-week run in New York in September

(Newser) - Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will strip down for American audiences on Broadway in a challenging dramatic role that has already wowed Brits. In a major departure from his famous boy wizard role, the 18-year-old stars in the dark psychosexual drama Equus as a troubled adolescent accused of blinding horses.... More »

Wizard Hits Broadway in the Buff

Radcliffe: 'Broadway is a big, big thing'

(Newser) - Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will hit the Great White Way when Equus opens in New York next year. Radcliffe appeared in the 8-week London run of Peter Schaffer's play this year, garnering attention for showing his wand and quaffles in a nude scene. "I'm obviously nervous but I'm... More »

6 Stories