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Roy Moore Wants Donations for Legal Bills

To fight lawsuit from the woman who says he sexually abused her when she was 14

(Newser) - The latest person to urge you to scrounge through your couch cushions is former Alabama Senate candidate and current lawsuit subject Roy Moore, who is asking supporters to pony up for his legal defense, which "could run over $100,000." The lawsuit in question was brought by Leigh... More »

RNC Has Spent $400K on Trump Family's Legal Bills

This doesn't affect political work, RNC says

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee has admitted spending more than $400,000 to cover Russia-related legal bills for members of the Trump family—but it says the legal fees won't take a dime away from election spending. The RNC says it has paid more than $230,000 to two members... More »

Parents of Teen Who Died in Gym Mat Ordered to Pay $292K

After Kendrick Johnson's parents dropped their lawsuit, judge orders them to pay up

(Newser) - The parents of a Georgia teenager found dead inside a rolled-up gym mat and their attorney must pay more than $292,000 in legal fees to dozens of people they accused of foul play in a lawsuit that was later dropped, a judge ruled. The body of Kendrick Johnson, 17,... More »

Snopes Turns to Community for Help Amid Messy Legal Woes

Ownership battle could take web vet under

(Newser) - Since launching in 1994, Snopes has managed to outlast the majority of web dinosaurs founded in the Internet’s salad days. But legal woes and company infighting threaten to take down the fact-checking site after more than 20 years of internet sleuthing, reports Poynter . The company posted a plea to... More »

Cosby Wants Home Insurance to Cover Legal Costs

AIG is fighting him on his 'personal injury' claims for defamation lawsuits

(Newser) - Why anyone other than Bill Cosby should care about Bill Cosby's homeowners insurance may at first seem a mystery. But the beleaguered comedian is apparently taking advantage of the personal injury coverage linked to his AIG policy to deflect his growing legal costs as he fights the defamation suits... More »

Top Lawyer Fees Just Cracked a Crazy Milestone

$1.5K an hour and up—inflation is low, demand is weak, but people are still paying

(Newser) - Better start digging for more than change in those couch cushions if you're looking for legal representation. According to Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group, large corporate law firms have upped their rates by 3% to 4% every year since the Great Recession, with at least one New... More »

US Defense Contractor Sues Former Abu Ghraib Inmates

CACI wants legal fees covered in lawsuit over torture allegations

(Newser) - Rubbing it in, or just routine legal procedure? A major US defense contractor is suing four former detainees at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq—after the detainees filed a suit of their own accusing the contractor's employees of torturing them. The background, from the Washington Post : The... More »

Celeb Lawyer 'Threatens' Ex-Client With Mafia

Dominic Barbara admits to leaving intimidating message

(Newser) - A celebrity divorce lawyer is under investigation for allegedly threatening a client with Mafia violence on a recorded voice message, the New York Post reports. Barbara left the message for truck driver Ray Young Jr, who had claimed in a complaint that Barbara was holding onto $200,000 in unearned... More »

Zimmerman Nearly Broke, Wants Floridians to Foot His Bill

Lawyer will seek to declare him indigent

(Newser) - George Zimmerman is almost out of money—so his lawyer is about to ask the public to foot the bill for his trial. "He really has to live as a hermit, unfortunately," says lawyer Mark O'Mara. "He's not doing well. He's getting by."... More »

Zimmerman Website: Help Me Pay My Legal Fees

And roadside sign derides Trayvon

(Newser) - George Zimmerman has finally surfaced—at least online. The Florida man who killed Trayvon Martin has posted a personal website, , to collect money for his own legal defense. His attorneys have confirmed to MSNBC that the site is authentic, unlike other websites claiming to raise money in his... More »

Judge Ends Blackwater Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Because the plaintiff was out of money

(Newser) - A federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against Blackwater because the plaintiff could no longer afford to pay for the proceedings, the Washington Post reports. The case, which blamed Blackwater for the deaths of four contractors in 2004, has dragged on for six years. Katy Helvenston, mother of... More »

Assange 'Forced' to Take $1.5M Book Deal

Because he's got some legal bills

(Newser) - The world's favorite rogue publisher has landed himself a book deal, but not because he wanted to. Infamous WikiLeaker Julian Assange will pen his memoirs for a reputed $1.5 million, reports the Australian, but he's doing it not for ego, but money. "I don't want to write this... More »

Small Donors Give Arizona $500K to Defend Law

People from all 50 states pitch in

(Newser) - Thousands of people from all 50 states have contributed more than $500,000 to Arizona to help the state defend its controversial immigration law, reports AP . The vast majority has come in the last two days, since the federal government filed suit. Governor Jan Brewer's office shows that 7,008... More »

O'Reilly: I'll Pay Legal Bill for Dead Marine's Dad

Court ordered man to foot protesters' costs

(Newser) - Bill O’Reilly is opening his checkbook for the father of a Marine killed in Iraq after a court ordered him to pay the legal fees of protesters he’d sued for picketing his son’s 2006 funeral. “That is an outrage,” the Fox host said yesterday of... More »

Marine's Dad Ordered to Pay Protesters' Court Fees

He's having trouble finding money for Supreme Court filing

(Newser) - The father of a Marine killed in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters was ordered to pay the protesters' appeal costs, his lawyers said yesterday. On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Albert Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps, the leader of... More »

Edwards '08 Legal Tab in Oct. '09: $43K

Ex-candidate racks up more than $43,000 in October

(Newser) - It’s been almost two years since John Edwards ended his presidential bid, but his campaign still managed to rack up $43,574 in legal fees last month, thanks to the ongoing fallout from the Rielle Hunter revelations. And that’s not even half the $96,000 the not-exactly-defunct campaign... More »

Judge Fines Orly Taitz $20K

Birther queen's misuse of court is 'breathtaking'

(Newser) - US District Judge Clay Land has had it with Orly Taitz. He slapped the birther leader with a $20,000 fine today for her constant stream of frivolous lawsuits and motions. In a scathing 43-page order, Land writes that Taitz willfully misused the court, and “as an attorney, she... More »

Astor's Son Falls Behind Paying $5M Legal Bills

(Newser) - Brooke Astor's son owes his lawyers nearly $5 million in legal fees, and he's apparently having trouble paying up. Attorneys for Anthony Marshall—convicted this week of fleecing his philanthropist mother on her deathbed—filed papers saying he owes $4.7 million, a figure that could double in the appeals... More »

Knox's Family Has Spent $1M on Defense

Father 'mortgaged everything' for Italian murder trial

(Newser) - Amanda Knox’s trial has taken more than an emotional toll on her family—it’s all but bankrupted them. “Between Amanda’s mother and myself, we have spent over a million dollars so far,” her father tells ABC News. “We have literally mortgaged everything and used... More »

Palin Strikes Back Over Costly Ethics Complaints

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says she's drowning in a rising tide of frivolous ethics complaints, the AP reports. Most of the 18 complaints have been dismissed, but Palin's office says she's $500,000 in legal debt and facing accusations that "have been politically or personally motivated." Rallying to her side,... More »

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