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HIV+ Guy Gets Booted From Florida Rec League

Dakota Basinger, 21, diagnosed last week

(Newser) - Last week, a 21-year-old Florida man was diagnosed with HIV. After he posted about it on Facebook, Dakota Basinger was pulled from a local basketball league game on Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel reports. In the second half of a playoff game, a Kissimmee city official called a time out, then... More »

After-Sex Gel Could Block HIV

Researchers test treatment in monkeys

(Newser) - A study on monkeys may offer hope for women in the fight against HIV—especially in cases of rape. The study involved a gel that appears effective in blocking HIV in monkeys up to three hours after sex, the New York Times reports. That could mean protection for rape victims... More »

Hospital to Patients: We Maybe Exposed You to HIV

Bad instructions on insulin pen lead to warning letter

(Newser) - More than 4,000 people on Long Island are getting the most unwelcome kind of letter from a local hospital—a warning that they might have been inadvertently exposed to HIV. As ABC News explains, the risk is low, but it stems from improper use of an insulin pen. It... More »

Another Baby Born With HIV 'Cured'

Disease in remission thanks to quick treatment

(Newser) - Another baby born with HIV appears to be free of the disease thanks to an aggressive early treatment regimen that began just four hours after she was born, reports the Guardian . The baby was born in LA and is still getting AIDS medicines because doctors aren't entirely confident yet,... More »

Egypt's Military: We Secretly Cured HIV, Hepatitis C

For some reason, experts are skeptical

(Newser) - You, and pretty much every scientist in the world, may find this hard to believe, but a top Egyptian general says he has discovered a cure HIV and hepatitis C, along with a wand that can detect the latter virus from across a room. In a press conference on Sunday,... More »

Cops: HIV+ Man Knowingly Exposed Partners, Taped It

Videos dramatically increase Michael Johnson's alleged victim count

(Newser) - The case of a 21-year-old Missouri man accused of knowingly exposing people to HIV became infinitely more awful last week, when police revealed that he'd allegedly secretly videotaped himself having sex with as many as 31 other people. Former Lindenwood University wrestling star Michael L. Johnson was originally arrested... More »

Walter Reed Scrambles to Find Patient in HIV Test Mix-Up

HIV+ person wrongly told test was negative

(Newser) - If the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center told you that you tested negative for HIV in October, you might want to get in touch. The facility in Bethesda, Md., says a mistake occurred late in the month, when two blood samples out of 150 were mixed up. A sample... More »

'Cured' HIV Patients Get Some Bad News

Disease reappears after promising bone marrow treatment

(Newser) - The world let up a tentative cheer this summer when Boston researchers revealed that they'd seemingly eradicated HIV in two patients following risky bone marrow transplants. But it turns out the virus was more resilient than they'd thought. The virus has returned in both patients, the researchers revealed... More »

For HIV+ People, Even Safe Sex Can Mean Jail

ProPublica investigation delves into controversial laws

(Newser) - In at least 35 states, exposing another person to HIV is a crime—even if the virus is not transmitted—and, in some cases, it's a crime even if the sex in question was safe, according to a ProPublica investigation. The article focuses on Nick Rhoades, an Iowa man... More »

New, Aggressive HIV Strain Develops Into AIDS Faster

So far it's only seen in West Africa, but could spread quickly

(Newser) - Researchers have found an aggressive new strain of HIV in West Africa they say develops into AIDS much faster than other strains. According to a new study from Sweden's Lund University, the strain is a "recombinant" virus, or a combination of two different viruses that join together in... More »

WHO: Sorry, Our Alarming Claim About HIV in Greece Is Wrong

Hordes of people aren't infecting themselves to get benefits, says agency

(Newser) - This part is not in dispute: Greece has seen a worrisome spike in HIV cases, with the number up 52% in 2011 from 2010. But in a report last month, the World Health Organization made a jaw-dropping assertion, that about half of the new cases were the result of people... More »

Hospital Gave False HIV+ Diagnoses: Lawsuit

Whistleblower: I've been mistreated and assaulted at work

(Newser) - Imagine being falsely diagnosed with HIV. Or told you don't have Hepatitis C after you've just tested positive. Both are allegations made by a whistleblower at King County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, Gawker reports. Lili Hutchison, a 51-year-old lab worker, has been alleging misconduct on the job for... More »

Child Born With HIV Possibly 'Cured'

Scientists agree Mississippi girl is in 'clear remission'

(Newser) - Doctors are hesitant to call it a cure, but a Mississippi girl born with HIV remains in "clear remission" after beginning treatment 30 hours after her birth, according to a new report published online yesterday. The child received a cocktail of antiretroviral drugs for 18 months; another 18 months... More »

Breast Milk Protein May Ward Off HIV

That's why babies breastfed by infected moms usually don't catch it

(Newser) - Scientists think they've found a promising new avenue for an HIV treatment in an unlikely place: the breasts of moms. Public health officials have long noticed that infants breastfed by HIV-positive moms rarely contract the virus themselves—even though the virus is definitely inside the milk. Now, Duke scientists... More »

Cats Might Help Us Make HIV Vaccine

Researchers find link with feline version of virus

(Newser) - The quest for an HIV vaccine might get a boost from cats, reports Medical News Today . Researchers studying the feline version of AIDS came across a tantalizing discovery: When they exposed a protein from the cat virus to the blood of HIV-positive humans, it triggered an immune response in the... More »

UN Report: We're Making Real Progress on AIDS

New infections down 33% between 2001 and 2012

(Newser) - The UN today released its annual report on the state of HIV/AIDS around the globe, and though the big number is still big—roughly 35.3 million people are currently infected with HIV—the report contains a laundry list of encouraging numbers. Highlights, per Reuters and the Guardian :
  • At its
... More »

Porn Industry Will Resume Filming After HIV Scare

Trade group says actors will now get tested every 2 weeks

(Newser) - The porn industry is getting back to business this week: A self-imposed moratorium on filming ends Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times . Industry trade group the Free Speech Coalition put the moratorium in place after three actors tested positive for HIV, but the coalition says it's confident the danger... More »

Another Porn Star Tests Positive for HIV

Industry body calls for another filming moratorium

(Newser) - Two more porn stars have tested positive for HIV, prompting calls for another moratorium on filming and adding more ammunition to the battle over mandatory condom requirements for adult films. The first person infected, reported last month , has been identified as actress Cameron Bay. Earlier this week, a second actor,... More »

Cops: Missouri Man Says He Exposed 300 Men to HIV

David Lee Mangum was arrested last week

(Newser) - An HIV-positive Missouri man now has more to fear than romantic rejection. Police allege that David Lee Mangum has exposed some 300 sexual partners to HIV in the last decade, which is how long he has known he's had HIV. They say the 37-year-old told them as much during... More »

Rapist Really Upset Victim May Have Given Him HIV

He collapsed when told he could be infected

(Newser) - Sympathy is likely to be in short supply for Richard Thomas as he waits to find out whether he caught HIV from the woman he raped. The British man was sentenced to five years for the crime yesterday and the court was told that he will find out whether he... More »

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