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Mobile Web: Hyped, But Not Used, For Now

The cellphone Internet experience has yet to attract frequent users

(Newser) - The mobile web, or cellphone-based Internet, has been the focus of a lot of attention lately, whether its iPhone hysteria or buzz over handset hardware companies joining Google’s Open Handset Alliance. The New York Times reports that the hype hasn’t helped the existing mobile web do very well:... More »

Meet Prof Who Gave Google Its Big Ideas

Tim Wu pioneered net neutrality, inspired new smartphone initiative

(Newser) - Google’s newly revealed Open Handset Alliance, which gives smartphone developers and consumers new freedom to match phones, carriers, and apps, found inspiration in the philosophy of cyberlaw trailblazer Tim Wu. The Columbia Law professor is on the vanguard of the net-neutrality conversation, arguing that Internet providers and wireless networks... More »

Microsoft CEO Not Impressed by Android PR

Ballmer says Google is 'welcome in our world' of smartphone software

(Newser) - The announcement of Google's forthcoming 'Android' phone software and its revolutionary open source philosophy has impressed many, but decidedly not Steve Ballmer. PC World reports the Microsoft CEO declined to share his thoughts on Google's initiative, saying it was hard to compare the Windows Mobile system with "some words... More »

3 Stories