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GOP Lawmaker Takes Step Toward Killing Mueller Probe

Rep. Ron DeSantis suggests investigation is a 'fishing expedition'

(Newser) - A Florida Republican is looking to halt funding for Robert Mueller's special investigation into ties between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia and bar review of all matters before Trump's campaign kicked off. The amendment put forth by Rep. Ron DeSantis would block Mueller from investigating "... More »

White House Makes Demands With Shutdown Looming

Trump is proving to be a wildcard in spending bill negotiations

(Newser) - Once or twice a year recently, the federal government threatens to shut down. But the Washington Post reports this year's version of the crisis—the deadline to pass a spending bill is midnight April 28—has a brand-new wrinkle: President Trump. According to the New Yorker , things had been... More »

Warren Leads Populist Charge Against Big Vote

Says spending bill weakens Wall Street rules, wants Democrats to oppose it

(Newser) - The House and Senate need to pass a spending bill by midnight to avoid a shutdown, and things have gotten more complicated because of opposition by progressives led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reports the Hill . Warren says a deal struck by leaders includes a provision that would weaken new rules... More »

There's a Secret Provision in Congress' Spending Bill

It would kill Obama's plans to take the drone program out of CIA hands

(Newser) - Congress' $1.1 trillion spending bill contains a secret provision torpedoing President Obama's plans to pass the drone program from the CIA to the Pentagon. In a classified annex, the bill specifically prohibits any funds being used to facilitate such a transfer, the Washington Post reports. Obama wants to... More »

No Shutdown: Congress Rolls Out $1.1T Spending Bill

Bipartisan measure expected to pass easily

(Newser) - After weeks of late nights, House and Senate negotiators believe they have hammered out a bipartisan spending bill that will ensure a year free from government shutdown drama. "There will be no shutdown," says Senate Appropriations Committee chair Barbara Mikulski. "This is a strong bipartisan bill, and... More »

Deal Averts Government Shutdown

Congress forges $1T spending deal

(Newser) - The spirit of Christmas, or at least the spirit of competence, appears to have reached Capitol Hill. Lawmakers have set aside their differences to forge a $1 trillion spending bill for federal agencies that will avert a government shutdown this weekend, the Washington Post reports. The bill—heralded by a... More »

Congress (Gasp!) Poised to Pass Spending Bill

Appropriations 'the last bastion of getting something done around here': rep

(Newser) - Looks like Congress is finally getting something done with minimal angst. A $1 trillion spending bill to last through September is set to be revealed today, barring any last-minute controversy. The process has been a more simplified one thanks to the fact that the overall spending level was set at... More »

Heat Is on Senate as Government Shutdown Looms

Congress working through scheduled vacation

(Newser) - After rejecting the House's bill to fund the government into November, the Senate will vote today on its own version, hoping to dodge a new threat of government shutdown, reports the Washington Post . After the weekend brought leaders no closer to agreement, and with disaster relief potentially running out... More »

House Passes Spending Bill, But...

...the Senate vows to oppose it, so Oct. 1 shutdown again a possibility

(Newser) - House Republicans got their ducks in a row late last night, passing a spending measure nearly identical to the one that went down in flames Wednesday. But that might not be enough to prevent a government shutdown, because the Senate is drawing a hard line against the bill, the Washington ... More »

Republicans Hand Boehner Embarassing Defeat

It's a setback for speaker as Democrats show rare unity

(Newser) - The House’s failure to pass a Republican spending bill to keep the government running last night was an embarrassing defeat for John Boehner, underscoring that he can’t count on his own caucus, Politico observes—and can't move if Democrats are united against him. “He can’t... More »

Dems Offer $33B in Cuts to Revive Budget Talks

But Senate democrats worry they're capitulating too easily

(Newser) - The White House jolted budget negotiations back to life yesterday, getting Senate Democrats to agree to $33 billion in cuts in the hopes of finding middle ground with John Boehner and Co., Politico reports. Joe Biden met with Democratic leadership yesterday evening, and emerged saying that the Senate and president... More »

As Shutdown Approaches, Congress Just Squabbles

Dems blame GOP-Tea Party divide, Cantor blames Dems, hilarity ensues

(Newser) - Negotiations between Democrats and Republicans are going so poorly that it’s looking more and more likely that the government will shut down when its current temporary funding measure expires April 8, the Wall Street Journal observes. Both sides spent yesterday criticizing each other, with Harry Reid blaming the lack... More »

White House Offers Another $6.5B in Cuts

Officials: We're meeting GOP 'halfway' with budget proposal

(Newser) - The White House has proposed another $6.5 billion in spending cuts, its latest offer in an effort to avoid a government shutdown as another deadline looms. Vice President Biden brought the proposal to talks with congressional leaders yesterday. While it’s far less than the House’s proposed $61... More »

House Passes $60B in Cuts

Measure sets up deep divide between House, Senate

(Newser) - The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed $61 billion in federal spending cuts this morning, burning the midnight oil to hack federal cash going to coal companies, oil refiners, farmers, health care reform, and environmental initiatives. "The American people have spoken. They demand that Washington stop its out-of-control spending now,... More »

Boehner: Cut Spending, or Expect March 5 Shutdown

House Speaker says he won't extend current funding levels

(Newser) - Zero hour is rapidly approaching for the federal budget, and John Boehner made it clear yesterday that he’s ready for a showdown. The temporary spending measure that’s keeping the government running expires on March 4, and Boehner said he wouldn’t extend it to give lawmakers more time... More »

Obama to GOP: Don't Make Me Veto Spending Bill

Says GOP proposal goes too far

(Newser) - President Obama issued a formal statement yesterday threatening to veto any spending bill the House GOP devises that doesn’t meet his specifications. “If the president is presented with a bill that undermines critical priorities or national security … the president will veto the bill,” the statement read,... More »

Another Temporary Budget Strains Federal Agencies

SEC can't hire; foreign aid money blocked; no end in sight

(Newser) - Because Democrats and Republicans are at loggerheads on spending, Congress had to approve yet another stopgap budget measure yesterday to keep the government running through March. While federal agencies avoided a shutdown, they've got to keep operating at last year's spending levels, a development that amounts to a budget cut... More »

Earmarks' Last Hurrah: Bill Stuffed With $8B

John McCain, others speak out against spending bill

(Newser) - Well, don’t say goodbye to earmarks just yet: A $1.2 trillion spending bill released yesterday has more than 6,000 earmarks—adding up to $8 billion. "The American people said just 42 days ago, 'Enough!' … Are we tone deaf? Are we stricken with amnesia?" asked... More »

Senate Sends Obama $1.1T Spending Bill

3 Republicans vote yea, 3 Dems vote nay

(Newser) - Working on a second consecutive weekend, the Senate passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill today, with the support of three Republicans but the opposition of three Democrats. The measure has already cleared the House and now advances to President Obama, who is expected to sign it. With pressing... More »

Obama's Cell Phone Plea Helps Clear War Funds

Last-minute tensions healed; measure set to pass next week

(Newser) - Congressional leaders settled on a $106 billion spending bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan last night, but it took a last-minute intervention by President Obama via Rahm Emanuel's cell phone. When talks got bogged down over the release of detainee photos, Emanuel rushed to the Capitol and had... More »

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