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China Shifting Into Green Gear

Communists know they need knowledge-based economy

(Newser) - Beijing wants to create a greener and more modern economy without losing its grip on society—but that leaves officials in a bind, Thomas L. Friedman writes in the New York Times. A green, knowledge-based economy requires personal freedoms that China may be unwilling to provide. But it must act,... More »

Intel Moves into Clean Tech With Solar Cell Spinoff

SpectraWatt joins IBM, HP entries, part of a larger trend in IT industry

(Newser) - Intel made a move into clean technology yesterday, creating a spinoff that will manufacture solar cells and pumping $50 million into it. SpectraWatt’s focus will be on improving solar-cell efficiency and cutting costs per watt, its CEO told CNet. IT companies are increasingly getting into the solar industry. Both... More »

Brits March In With Foot-Generated Power

Basement sensors could power thousands of bulbs an hour

(Newser) - Crowds may soon be kicking up clean energy in England. Designed to generate power from footsteps, "heel strike" generators are ready to be installed in shopping malls and subways—and power thousands of light bulbs. "It works by using the pressure of feet on the floor to compress... More »

Sinking Market Forces New Venture-Capital Strategies

Analysts don't see money drying up, just more scrutiny on where it's spent

(Newser) - Venture capitalists are watching economic indicators carefully, trying to find safer places to put their mountains of money, CNET reports. The stats on first-quarter VC activity will land soon, and though experts don't expect dollar totals to have waned, players are “under pressure to invest in quality companies that... More »

Clean-Tech Show Draws Eager Investors

Companies of all sizes hope to cash in on growing market

(Newser) - A clean technology conference hosted scores of venture capitalists and private-equity firms looking to cash in on 100 cutting-edge companies. Drawing particular interest was First Solar, which makes solar-energy cells that could soon compete with residential utility prices, MarketWatch reports. The company also signals the sector’s dangers: Its $200... More »

5 Stories