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What Killed the Soap Opera

Working women, reality TV, and 24-hour news, among other things

(Newser) - With the Sept. 17 finale of As the World Turns looming—and View clone The Talk ready to replace it—only six soap operas are still on the air. The genre is weak and possibly headed for extinction, largely because ad spending is in freefall. Advertising Age tries to figure... More »

Helen Wagner Dead at 91

She spoke the first lines on 'As the World Turns'

(Newser) - Helen Wagner, a 54-year veteran of As the World Turns, died Saturday at age 91. Wagner spoke the first line (“Good morning, dear”) on ATWT’s 1956 premiere episode and appeared on the show for the last time April 5. Her role as Nancy Hughes earned her the... More »

Soap Operas Are Dying Because Everything's a Soap

Jon & Kate are the new As the World Turns

(Newser) - There are lots of reasons why As the World Turns, and with it the entire soap opera genre, is dying. But the one that trumps them all is that these days, everything’s a soap opera. Once, soaps had the market cornered on salacious, serialized drama, particularly for women, particularly... More »

CBS Axes As the World Turns

Soap ends 54-year run in September

(Newser) - CBS is canceling As the World Turns, ending a soap saga that has run for more than half a century. The last episode will air in September. The network's move, coming 3 months after the cancellation of Guiding Light, will leave just six soap operas on the air—and ABC's... More »

Writers' Strike Could Send Soaps Down the Drain

Strike threatens an already troubled genre

(Newser) - The strike by the Writers Guild of America could leave an entire genre hanging by a bubble. Daytime soaps operas won't be sent into reruns immediately, like late-night talk shows, because  producers have scripts stockpiled. But the soaps have been hemorraghing viewers  for years, reports the Los Angeles Times, and... More »

5 Stories