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Video of Man in Bear Suit Sparks Singapore Bear Hunt

Electronics giant Philips may face charges over viral marketing stunt

(Newser) - Electronics giant Philips has apologized for sending police, zoo officials, and wildlife groups in Singapore on a wild bear chase. Dozens of people searched an area of the city-state after a hoax video supposedly showing a bear rummaging through a garbage can surfaced on social media. The company says the... More »

75% of Bear Species at Risk

Asia's sun bear now the fifth of eight bear species endangered worldwide

(Newser) - Southeast Asia's sun bear is now the sixth of eight bear species facing extinction worldwide, the Telegraph reports. Experts admit they know little about the bear, but blame deforestation, hunting, and fearful villagers for menacing the species. "We estimate that sun bears have declined by at least 30 per... More »

2 Stories