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Telecom Giant Nabs Cablevision in $18B Deal

'The time is right for new ownership of Cablevision,' company says

(Newser) - European telecommunications and cable company Altice has agreed to buy New York cable operator Cablevision for $17.7 billion, including debt. Altice announced the deal today before European financial markets opened, and Cablevision says the family-controlled company considered that "the time is right for new ownership of Cablevision."... More »

Fox Is Back on Cablevision

Two sides finally reach a deal on fees

(Newser) - Fox says it has reached an agreement with Cablevision that will restore programing to more than 3 million New York-area subscribers. Signals for all stations and cable channels were restored prior to the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series. Terms of the agreement to end the 2-week... More »

Cablevision Coaching Viewers to Watch Fox Online

Taped call records advice on watching games on illegal websites

(Newser) - Cablevision and Fox are still feuding , depriving 3.5 million people in the Big Apple of Fox channels 5 and 9 plus Fox Sports. The solution? Cablevision is coaching customers to cheat for content without a contract, reports the Daily News . A Fox employee recorded a conversation with a Cablevision... More »

Cable Fight May Leave Fans in Philly, NYC in the Dark

Fox, Cablevision dispute could black out baseball, football games

(Newser) - Hey, no rush or anything, but suits from Cablevision and News Corp's Fox have about 7 hours to hash out a deal or baseball fans in Philly aren't going to be able to watch a playoff game tonight, reports AP . Fox pulled its channels from Cablevision when a contract expired... More »

NYC Viewers Get ABC Back as Oscars Begin

Disney-Cablevision dispute caused 3.1M to lose telecast

(Newser) - The TV signal was switched back on for Cablevision's 3.1 million subscribers in the New York area shortly after tonight's Academy Awards telecast got under way. Channel 7, the local ABC affiliate, returned at 8:43 pm, 13 minutes into the show. A Cablevision spokesman said a deal was... More »

No Oscars Broadcast for 3.1M

Cablevision-Disney spat yanks signal in NY area

(Newser) - Millions of New York-area cable subscribers faced the prospect of Oscar night without the Academy Awards broadcast today after ABC's parent company switched off its signal to Cablevision customers over a dispute in fees. "Cablevision pocketed almost $8 billion last year, and now customers aren't getting what they pay... More »

Newsday Web Subscribers: 35

Disgruntled staffers told few have ventured behind paywall

(Newser) - Three months after Newsday erected a paywall around its revamped $4 million web site, only 35 people have paid the $5 a week needed to breach it. Publisher Terry Jiminez revealed the figure at a heated newsroom meeting last week, insiders tell the New York Observer . Jiminez stressed that most... More »

Federal Court Ruling Shakes Up Cable Industry

FCC limit doesn't take into account other sources of competition, court rules

(Newser) - In a decision that could revolutionize the communications industry, a federal appeals court has struck down an FCC rule prohibiting a cable TV company from serving more than 30% of the market, Reuters reports. The court declared the rule "arbitrary and capricious,” noting that cable operators face competition... More »

Cablevision Buys Newsday

LI company wins battle for paper

(Newser) - Cablevision will pay Tribune Co. $650 million for Newsday, the companies said this morning. The cable operator's bid for the Long Island daily and its free offshoot amNew York topped $580 million offers from New York Daily News owner Mortimer Zuckerman and News Corp., reports the Wall Street Journal. More »

Murdoch Drops Newsday Bid

News Corp. calls matching Cablevision's $650 million offer "uneconomical"

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch has dropped his $580 million bid for Newsday. Cable operator Cablevision has offered $650 million for the Long Island daily, and Murdoch’s News Corp. said a higher bid would be “uneconomical.” The media tycoon’s dropout was unexpected, Reuters says, considering Murdoch recently told investors... More »

Daily News Owner Makes Newsday Bid

Zuckerman v. Murdoch fight may hinge on who can clear FCC

(Newser) - Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman has matched Rupert Murdoch's bid for Newsday, the New York Times reports—but didn't go a penny over the $580 million the New York Post owner offered. Instead Zuckerman claimed his bid is the better one because, unlike Murdoch's, it doesn't run the risk of... More »

The Garden to Get a New Look

$500 million in renovations set to begin spring of next year

(Newser) - Madison Square Garden is getting a  $500-million overhaul. After pulling out of a plan to build a new arena as part of a new Penn Station project a few blocks away, Cablevision, the Garden's owners, unveiled a renovation plan yesterday.  The work is slated to start next spring and... More »

Dolans Lose Buyout Bid for Cablevision

Investors nix plan to take company private; offer too low

(Newser) - Cablevision shareholders today rejected a bid by the Dolans, the company's founding family, to take the Long Island-based cable provider private. The family offered $10.6 billion, or $36.26 a share, below what major investors felt was the firm's value, the AP reports. Analysts valued the company, which also... More »

Dolan Deal for Cablevision Is on the Rocks

Largest shareholder balks as family declines to increase offer

(Newser) - The Dolan family bid to take Cablevision private is on the verge of collapse, the New York Times reports, after James Dolan announced last night that the $10.6 billion bid won't be upped, and the company’s largest shareholder balked. ClearBridge Advisors, which owns 13.6% of shares, threatened... More »

Knicks' Sex Harass Loss Threatens Dolan Deal

$11.6M judgment could pack double whammy

(Newser) - Yesterday's $11.6 million sex harassment judgment against the New York Knicks was not only mortifying for the team, it could undermine the Dolan family's plan to privatize Cablevision, the media giant that owns it, the Wall Street Journal reports. The decision against head coach Isiah Thomas came just three... More »

Dow Hits Another Record —17th for the Year

(Newser) - Strong factory orders and media-buyout mania helped push the Dow to another record high, closing at 13,211. The index jumped 76 points, riding news of yesterday's News Corp. offer for Dow Jones and Co. and today's Cablevision deal, as well as a better-than-expected March bump in factory orders. More »

Dolans' Offer Scores With Cablevision

Third time's the charm for founding family buying back the company

(Newser) - The Dolans have finally  struck a deal to take Cablevision private. The $10.6 billion transaction, announced today, ends two years of wrangling with the entertainment conglomerate's board, and is a victory for Charles, the company's 80-year-old founder and his son James, now CEO. More »

Dolans Make Third Run At Buying Back Cablevision

Offer shows confidence in cable future

(Newser) - Cablevision's founding family is close to taking the entertainment giant private, the Journal reports. The Dolans have tried and failed twice since 2005 to strike a deal with the board, but the third time may be the charm. The magic number is $36 a share, up from $30 in an... More »

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