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Winter Is Coming, but First Let's Welcome Fall

Because we're now in it

(Newser) - An eventful day on the equinox front: We've entered autumn, as of 10:21am EDT, per National Geographic . That means that Sept. 22 will see 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night in the Northern Hemisphere, and our part of the Earth will start to lean further... More »

Fall Actually Starts Today, by One Count

Meteorological summer is over

(Newser) - It might look and feel a lot like summer out there, but it's already fall, at least according to meteorologists. "Meteorological fall" begins today and includes the entire months of September, October, and November. Most people consider the autumnal equinox, which happens on Sept. 23 this year, to... More »

Each Year, Spring Is a Tiny Bit Shorter

Don't worry, you're only missing half a minute

(Newser) - Prepare for a spring that's about 30 seconds shorter than last year's, which was 30 seconds shorter than the one before. The changing length of the season is related to the tilt of the Earth's axis, LiveScience reports. It's a matter of what's known as... More »

Birth Season Affects Your Temperament

Hungarian study says summer babies have more mood swings

(Newser) - Getting moodier as you grow older? That may be because you were born in summer—assuming, of course, that you were born in summer, according to a new study out of Hungary. Researchers in Budapest who analyzed 400 people say they found a direct connection between the subjects' temperament and... More »

Earliest Spring Since 1896 Is Here

Vernal equinox brings early first day of spring

(Newser) - Spring has sprung at its earliest in more than a century. At 1:14am EDT today, the sun's path across the sky intersected with the celestial equator, marking the spring equinox and the start of springtime—in an astronomical sense—in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of fall... More »

Season Springs Forward as Climate Warms Up

Bees are buzzing, trees are flowering, and biologists are worrying

(Newser) - Today is officially the first day of spring, but spring has been gradually shifting into winter, the AP reports. Signs of spring—trees flowering, animals coming out of hibernation—are coming earlier every year. The shifting season has biologists seriously worried. "The alarm clock that all the plants and... More »

Global Warming Makes Spring Come Later?

Without a cold snap, vegetation takes longer to bloom down south

(Newser) - Global warming, a spark for spring's early arrival up north, appears to be delaying its appearance in southern states, the New Scientist reports. Southern leaves are coming later, not earlier, according to a Maryland researcher. "It's really surprising," says Xiaoyang Zhang of Earth Resources Technology. "Nobody had... More »

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