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DC Metro Might Shut Down for a Very Long Time

Commuters are calling possible closures 'insane'

(Newser) - If commuters who ride DC's faltering Metrorail were peeved at the system's 29-hour shutdown in mid-March, they're not going to like the news out of the Metro transit system Wednesday. Per Fox5 , a review is underway to determine how badly repairs are needed on the troubled railway,... More »

World Subways Evolving Into 'Master Form'

Are we driven unconsciously toward same organizational pattern?

(Newser) - In a weird convergence of form following function, the world's subway systems are marching toward a kind of "unified theory" of structure for the complex operations. The route patterns seem intuitively logical, but they have developed across different cultures, in different geographies and economies, and often piecemeal over... More »

DC Subway Plans Random Bag Checks

Follows Boston, NYC in long-planned move

(Newser) - Following the lead of Boston and New York City, the Washington, DC, subway system will begin random bag inspections, the AP reports. The move isn’t a reaction to any particular danger; it’s been planned for years, said an official. The past few months, however, have seen a few... More »

Chicago Selling Naming Rights to Train Lines

... Along with stations and even the transit agency's logo

(Newser) - The financially strapped Chicago Transit Authority is going the sell-the-naming rights route: Everything from train lines, individual stations, bus routes, retail stands, and even the agency logo will go to the highest-bidding corporate sponsor, reports the Chicago Tribune . But to make sure the daily commute doesn't get too confusing, train... More »

Dubai's New Metro a Surprise Social Leveler

Rigid stratification breaks down underground, to delight of some

(Newser) - It may or may not alleviate massive traffic jams of Mercedes and Hummers, but Dubai's new metro system is definitely loosening up the Emirate's rigidly stratified society. “No velvet rope or electrified security gate to keep out the masses,” Tom Hundley writes. “Privileged Emiratis suddenly find themselves... More »

Dubai Unveils Gulf's First Metro

Sheikhdom aims to get drivers onto public transport despite rock-bottom fuel prices

(Newser) - Dubai yesterday opened its gleaming new $7.6 billion metro rail system, the first on the Arabian peninsula, AP reports. The sheikhdom's leaders hope the system will help clear Dubai's chronically traffic-clogged streets and provide some good press for the downturn-battered emirate.  Each 5-car train on the driverless system... More »

Metro Workers Busted in Transit Sex Ring

Station manager used loudspeaker to arrange business: cop

(Newser) - Two workers in the Washington Metro transit system have been busted for running a prostitution ring from one of the train stations, and using a loudspeaker to arrange a tryst, according to police. One of the staffers, a station manager, advertised available "sexual pleasures" in flyers, reports Fox TV.... More »

French Rail Workers Strike

Utility workers, teachers, civil servants plan strikes too; Sarkozy vows to fight

(Newser) - French rail workers tested Sarkozy's mettle today by walking off the job in defense of their pensions, the BBC reports. Only 90 of France's 700 high-speed trains will run tomorrow and subway service in Paris will be dead, according to the metro operator. "Tomorrow is going to be a... More »

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