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Judge: No, Your Cellphone Can't Be Used to Track You

First time a federal judge has thrown out evidence culled thanks to 'stingray' device

(Newser) - A surveillance device that "tricks" cellphones into revealing their location has been a civil rights concern since it debuted. Now, for the first time, a federal judge agrees that using such a tool to ID a suspect's home without a warrant is an "unreasonable" violation of the... More »

France Fumes Over 'Unacceptable' US Spying

Summons US ambassador to Paris amid emergency meetings

(Newser) - Surprise: France isn't thrilled by claims that the US spied on its past three presidents , including current leader Francois Hollande, and has now summoned its US ambassador to the foreign ministry in Paris, reports the AP . Hollande, who calls the US spying an "unacceptable" security breach, held two... More »

The NSA Just Got Sued by a Whole Bunch of Groups

Wikimedia, ACLU, Amnesty on same side of suit vs. 'dragnet surveillance'

(Newser) - The NSA and the Justice Department made an impressive and diverse list of enemies this morning, via a lawsuit filed over its spying. Not surprisingly filing the suit: the ACLU. But as Reuters reports, it filed Wikimedia v. NSA on behalf of: Amnesty International, the Global Fund for Women, Human... More »

Germany to Top US Spy: Leave

Merkel: US, Germany have 'different approaches' to spying

(Newser) - Germany took the dramatic step today of asking the top US intelligence official in Berlin to leave the country, following two reported cases of suspected American spying and the yearlong spat over eavesdropping by the National Security Agency. The move reflects growing impatience in Germany at what is perceived as... More »

Snowden: Our Kids Will Never Have an 'Unrecorded Thought'

NSA whistleblower has Christmas message for anyone feeling happy

(Newser) - On the off chance that the NSA was taking an eggnog break from listening to you rip open your Christmas gifts, Edward Snowden has a new Christmas message out. And it's not exactly chock full of rainbows and unicorns, notes Politico . Speaking in a YouTube video with British Channel... More »

Tech Rivals Unite to Nag World About Spying

Google, Microsoft lead charge

(Newser) - What's big enough to bring together such competitors as Google and Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, Facebook and Twitter, plus AOL and LinkedIn for good measure? The NSA spying drama. Those companies are publicly asking the world's governments to limit such spying, and have detailed their ideas on a... More »

In 30 Days, NSA Grabbed 70M French Phone Records

Furious France summons US ambassador for explanation of latest report

(Newser) - Brazil and Mexico have some company: The NSA spied on France, too, according to a new report in Le Monde co-authored by Glenn Greenwald, and let's just say France isn't too happy about it. The report reveals that the NSA copied French text messages and recorded certain... More »

New Snowden Leak: NSA Hacked Al Jazeera

Accessed and read broadcaster's internal communications system

(Newser) - The latest Snowden document release reveals that the NSA spied on Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera, hacking into its internal communications system, reports Der Spiegel . A document from 2006 says the NSA's Network Analysis Center accessed and read communication by "interesting targets" at the Qatar-based news network, then... More »

If NSA Trusted This Guy, Why Should We Trust It?

Farhad Manjoo: Edward Snowden seems like poor choice for security clearance

(Newser) - Forget the constitutional questions surrounding the NSA program for a second, and ask yourself this: Can we trust our secrets in the hands of an agency that would trust the likes of Edward Snowden? Snowden "sounds like a thoughtful, patriotic young man," Farhad Manjoo allows in Slate . But... More »

Supreme Court Takes on Govt. Surveillance Case

Justices reject file-sharing case

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is taking on the heightened government surveillance that's sparked a furor since the 9/11 attacks. Justices will determine the validity of a 2008 law that has allowed the government to keep a closer eye on international communications, the New York Times reports. Activists, lawyers, and journalists... More »

Obama Rethinks Ban on Tracking Web Visitors

(Newser) - Privacy groups are up in arms over a White House proposal to allow tracking technology to be used on government websites, the Washington Post reports. Supporters argue that social networking sites have used cookies and other tracking tools to spectacular effect, but the ACLU says the proposal is a “... More »

Big Brother Comes to Sweden

New surveillance law has country partying like it's 1984

(Newser) - Don’t believe the hype: “Sweden is no cuddly liberal democracy,” writes Nathalie Rothschild for Spiked, berating her home country for “introducing the most Draconian surveillance law in Europe.” Known as the FRA law but nicknamed "Lex Orwell" by opponents, the legislation gives intelligence agencies... More »

Italy Plan to Fingerprint Gypsies Under Fire

Measure against ethnic minority decried as racist

(Newser) - Italy has begun taking fingerprints from members of its Gypsy minority, in what the government calls a “census” of the people living in nomad encampments. The plans to document adults and children lacking an EU passport has brought condemnations from critics, who charge that “census” is the Berlusconi... More »

Chavez Takes Over Intelligence Agencies

Extends domestic spying and requires citizens to be informers

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez has ordered a draconian restructuring of Venezuela’s intelligence agencies, bringing them under his personal control, increasing domestic spying powers, and levying prison sentences on citizens who decline to cooperate, the New York Times reports. One justice on Venezuela’s top court expressed outrage, calling it “a... More »

Army Engineer Accused of Spying for Israel

American gave away information on nuclear weapons, fighter jets

(Newser) - An 84-year old American engineer was arrested today on charges of providing information on US military technology to Israel, Reuters reports. Ben-Ami Kadish, 83, has already admitted in FBI interviews to giving an unnamed Israeli source around 100 documents on nuclear weapons, the F-15 jet and the Patriot missile defense... More »

NSA Spying Branches Out

Domestic calls, email, financial transactions under scrutiny—all without a warrant

(Newser) - Traditionally charged with foreign surveillance, the NSA has increasingly been analyzing data collected domestically, reports the Wall Street Journal—on a scale comparable to that of a Pentagon proposal Congress killed 5 years ago. "When it got taken apart, it didn't get thrown away," says a former government... More »

US to Shoot Down Dead Satellite

Pentagon hopes to destroy it before it crashes to Earsh

(Newser) - The Pentagon is planning to shoot down a malfunctioning spy satellite in orbit, the AP reports, rather than run the risk of it crashing to Earth—and possibly into unfriendly hands. The powerless satellite is currently expected to hit somewhere on Earth the first week of March; the US would... More »

AG Mukasey Sics Justice Probers on Wiretap Program

Surprise investigation signals new independence from White house

(Newser) - New Attorney General Michael Mukasey has named the Justice Department 's first investigative target: the Justice Department. Mukasey has reopened an internal probe of the role played by the agency's own attorneys in the controversial post-911warrantless wiretap program, reports the Wall Street Journal. The move is a key signal that... More »

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