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Feds Further Link Avandia to Heart Risk

FDA, Senate reports lambaste GlaxoSmithKline, want to yank drug

(Newser) - Some 800 people every month suffer heart attacks or heart failure because of the diabetes medication Avandia, according to government reports obtained by the New York Times . Under fire since 2007, the GlaxoSmithKline drug was linked to 304 deaths in the final quarter of last year and hundreds of thousands... More »

Diabetes Drug Slows Artery Clogging

Choice of meds may be critical to diabetics' heart health

(Newser) - A drug used to lower blood sugar in diabetics significantly decreases the clogging of arteries, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Tests on diabetic patients found that Actos, a new-generation drug that lowers insulin resistance, aided arteries more than a drug that boosted insulin production. Heart disease kills 75% of diabetics... More »

Diabetes Drug Given Strictest Warning Label

FDA's 'black box' adds risk of heart attack to concerns on Avandia

(Newser) - The FDA has applied its harshest warning to the diabetes drug Avandia, declaring the product potentially increases risk of heart attacks. Now marked with a “black box” warning, GlaxoSmithKline’s drug will stay on the market pending a continuing “safety assessment,” the Wall Street Journal reports; FDA... More »

3 Stories