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Economist: Obama Is Worth the Risk

McCain was a great senator but a poor candidate

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John McCain are both great contenders, the Economist writes, but “the Democratic candidate has clearly shown that he offers the better chance of restoring America’s self-confidence.” Given Obama’s inexperience and decidedly left-wing outlook, “voting for him is a risk. Yet it is... More »

Lithuania's Negative Energy Bad for Europe

Foot-dragging on nuke plant could force ugly bargain with Russia

(Newser) - Lithuanians "should be furious" with politicians who have backed the Baltic nation into a "potentially appalling" crisis of energy and policy, the Economist notes. As condition for its admission to the European Union, Lithuania promised to shutter its Ignalina nuclear power plant by 2009—and pols have made... More »

Bad Credit News Means Good Tidings for Analysts

Demand for financial insight buoys Breaking Views, other sites

(Newser) - The Bear Stearns crisis was bad news for many, but it was good news—or at least good business—for financial analysts at London-based Breaking Views. The credit crunch is increasing demand for the company’s financial insights, offered online and, through various partnerships, in print. Breaking Views is seizing... More »

Economist's Newest Writer: Angelina Jolie

Actress says Sudan war criminals must stand trial

(Newser) - World leaders from Nicolas Sarkozy to the Dalai Lama have contributed their high-minded predictions for the coming year in an annual publication from the Economist. But for a magazine that normally eschews bylines, one name stands out, says the Sun: Angelina Jolie, who interviews Darfur refugees in Chad and says... More »

4 Stories