Los Angeles International Airport

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New LAX Offering Allows the Rich to Avoid the Riff-Raff

High-end private terminal opens, but access doesn't come cheap

(Newser) - "First class is what's wrong," complained Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire . "It used to be a better meal, now it's a better life." Life just got a little better for A-listers currently forced to mingle with the riffraff at Los Angeles International Airport: The... More »

How a Major US Airport Has Become an Intel Jewel

LAX counterterrorism unit's capabilities could 'rival agencies of small nation-state': 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - A suicide car bombing killing dozens hasn't ever hit LA's airport, and if Anthony McGinty and Michelle Sosa have anything to do with it, it never will. In the Atlantic , Geoff Manaugh tells the story of McGinty (a Marine vet who looks like JK Simmons) and Sosa (a... More »

News Anchor Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Cop's Headphones

While going through airport security, no less

(Newser) - A Los Angeles news anchor was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing expensive headphones from a cop while going through an airport security line. The Los Angeles Times reports a passenger was going through the security line at Los Angeles International Airport when she noticed her headphones were missing. TMZ notes... More »

$5 Bottled Water Spurs Airport Lawsuit

High-end boutique accuses retail group of gouging at LAX

(Newser) - Consumers fed up with the eye-watering price of bottled water in airports have an unlikely champion: Kitson Stores, an LA-based boutique retailer where T-shirts can cost $300. Kitson is in a contract dispute with Hudson Group—which operates dozens of stores at Los Angeles International Airport and hundreds more at... More »

Dozens of Giant Snails Stopped at LAX

Invasive species was labeled as food

(Newser) - A slow-moving Nigerian delicacy was stopped at Los Angeles International Airport when 67 giant land snails were discovered packed in picnic baskets, authorities said yesterday. The live African snails—which can grow to be 8 inches long, 5 inches wide, and live to be 10 years old—arrived with paperwork... More »

49ers Linebacker Busted in Airport Bomb Threat

Aldon Smith could face year in prison

(Newser) - More legal trouble for the San Francisco 49ers' Aldon Smith: The linebacker-defensive end was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday for indicating he had a bomb, reports ESPN . Police say Smith became belligerent and uncooperative after being selected for secondary screening and was arrested in the gate area after... More »

Baggage Handlers Stole Pricey Items: Police

LA cops serve 25 warrants against 'colluding' workers

(Newser) - Police have arrested six baggage handlers and detained eight others to crack an alleged theft operation at LA International Airport—likely the biggest in its history, the LA Times reports. Police say travelers lost "thousands upon thousands of dollars" as handlers stole jewelry, electronics, and other items from luggage... More »

FBI Studies LAX Suspect's Anti-Government Views

Paul Ciancia made apparent reference to 'New World Order' theory

(Newser) - We know alleged LAX shooter Paul Ciancia apparently had something against the TSA and considered TSA agents "traitors," was disappointed in the government and the NSA, considered himself a "pissed-off patriot" angry at Homeland Security , and may have been interested in the New World Order conspiracy theory... More »

Shot in Mouth, LAX Suspect Still Can't Talk

TSA mourns first agent killed in line of duty

(Newser) - As investigators try to piece together the lead-up to Friday's shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport , the alleged shooter is still too injured to talk. Paul Ciancia, 23, was shot in the leg and took a bullet in the mouth that split his tongue and knocked out his... More »

LAX Suspect Was Dropped Off by Friend

Paul Ciancia says he acted alone

(Newser) - Alleged LAX gunman Paul Ciancia told investigators he had acted alone after being dropped off by a friend in a black Hyundai, a police official tells the AP ; that friend, officials believe, didn't know what Ciancia had planned. The accused shooter is currently under heavy sedation—and 24-hour armed... More »

What We Know About Accused LAX Shooter

Paul Ciancia may have been swept up in New World Order conspiracy

(Newser) - Accused LAX shooter Paul Ciancia remains hospitalized today with gunshot wounds, though police haven't released his condition. One of the few widely reported tidbits about a potential motive is that the 23-year-old carried a note with anti-government views that said he wanted to kill TSA workers and "pigs.... More »

Airport Shooter, 23, Identified

Paul Ciancia reportedly carried anti-TSA note; his dad called police today

(Newser) - We've got a name but still no real explanation of why a shooter opened fire at LAX today. Authorities have identified the gunman at Los Angeles International Airport as 23-year-old Paul Ciancia. A law-enforcement official says Ciancia was carrying a note that said he "wanted to kill TSA... More »

2nd Suspect Arrested in LAX Dry Ice Explosions

Miguel Angel Iniguez, 41, held on $500K bond

(Newser) - Police have arrested a second airport employee in connection with several dry-ice bomb explosions at Los Angeles International Airport this week. Forty-one-year-old Miguel Angel Iniguez was reportedly arrested while he was working at the airport yesterday, and was booked on suspicion of possession of a destructive device near an aircraft.... More »

Things Get Weirder at LAX: More Dry Ice Bombs Found

One exploded last night

(Newser) - A dry ice bomb exploded at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night—and yesterday, three similar bombs were found, including another one that exploded last night, the LA Times reports. The first bomb was placed in a restroom the public cannot access, and the devices found yesterday were also in... More »

TSA Agent in LAX Threat Previously in Public Spat

LAX terminals evacuated, 9/11 related note found in man's home

(Newser) - Federal authorities arrested an ex-TSA employee just before midnight last night, on suspicion that he'd made terrorist threats against Los Angeles International Airport. Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, resigned his post as a screener yesterday, the LA Times reports, leaving behind a "suspicious package." That package turned out... More »

Evacuation Flub Spooks LAX

Displays accidentally tell passengers to clear out

(Newser) - Passengers at LAX were treated to a scare last night, after flight display boards told them to evacuate in response to an emergency. Turns out the message was an accident, airport authorities say. The message appeared at 9:47pm. "After the mistake was discovered, airport staff removed the message... More »

Guy in Body Armor Nabbed With Bag of Weapons at LAX

He had ax, knives, clubs, cuffs, and biohazard suit: feds

(Newser) - An airline passenger wearing a bullet-proof vest was nabbed during a security screening with a suitcase stuffed with weapons at Los Angeles International Airport, officials report. Boston-bound flyer Yongda Huang Harris, 28, a US citizen of Chinese descent, was flying from Japan late last week when he was stopped by... More »

America's Worst Airport for Spreading Disease Is ...

... New York's JFK, scientists say

(Newser) - Which US airport is most likely to spread an infectious disease during an epidemic? This won't surprise New Yorkers: It's JFK. But its top ranking has nothing to do with dirtiness, reports the New York Daily News . MIT scientists who analyzed 40 of the biggest US airports compared... More »

Cops: LAX Screeners Let Drugs Go Through

Four TSA agents arrested, accused of taking bribes

(Newser) - The feds busted four TSA agents for allegedly helping drug traffickers smuggle suitcases packed with cocaine, marijuana, and meth through security at Los Angeles International Airport. The screeners are accused of accepting up to $2,400 in bribes for allowing the drugs to pass through X-ray machines and checkpoints, reports... More »

2 Hurt in LAX Jetway Collapse

Passenger, pilot fall 10 feet after jet bridge gives way

(Newser) - After safely piloting a Boeing 737 from Boston to Los Angeles, a captain yesterday walked off the plane and onto a jet bridge—which collapsed under him. The pilot and a passenger were hospitalized after falling at least 10 feet to the ground from the walkway, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

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