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People Now Getting Ivory Fix From Woolly Mammoths

But the hunt in Siberia is taking a toll

(Newser) - The hunt is on for frozen tusks from the extinct woolly mammoth, and NPR reports that it's making people rich in otherwise poor regions of Siberia. But it's also taking a devastating toll on the landscape, according to a photographer who embedded with hunters for three weeks. "... More »

New BP Oil Spill, This Time in Alaska

Ruptured pipeline leaks as much as 4,200 gallons

(Newser) - A burst pipeline in Alaska has prompted BP's latest US spill, with a mixture of methanol, crude oil, and water leaking onto the tundra on Saturday, the company announced. The spill—somewhere between 2,100 and 4,200 gallons—happened during a pressure test and is currently being cleaned... More »

Toyota: Not Easy Seeming Green

Green activists turn against Toyota over opposition to fuel economy laws

(Newser) - Toyota set a new green standard ten years ago with its ahead-of-its-time Prius hybrid and projects an image of environmental responsibility. But now the green community is using Toyota for target practice, Newsweek reports. The Japanese carzilla is generating fury with its new low 14 mpg Tundra and Sequoia models,... More »

3 Stories