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Glenn Beck: I 'Debunked Conspiracy Theory'

Responds to charges of opportunism, 'Nobody's watching Charlie Rose'

(Newser) - His words reach about 30 million people a month, and though his detractors both left and right seem to number at least as many, the wildly successful populist Glenn Beck shows himself to be "cheerful and affable" in responding to his critics in a lengthy profile in the Wall ... More »

Not Far Enough Off His Rocker

Duncan Hunter is too boring to be a successful fringe candidate

(Newser) - Duncan Hunter may be the “hard-ass conservative” running for president, the New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks allows, but the congressman dubbed “Pat Buchanan with a smile” is simply too boring to fill the fringe niche. Sure, he wants a double fence on the Mexican border and to withhold... More »

2 Stories