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Drug Slims 'Couch Potato' Monkeys

Experimental fat-zapping drug works on chunky monkeys

(Newser) - An experimental weight loss drug helped the fattest, laziest members of a monkey colony lose an average of 11% after just four weeks of treatment—without any forced change in diet or increase in exercise. Researchers behind the drug, following the same strategy used to fight some cancers, designed Adipotide... More »

Study to Give Fetuses Anti-Obesity Drugs

A hundred obese, pregnant women sign up for trial

(Newser) - Is in utero too soon to start taking anti-obesity drugs? A group of scientists are putting that question to the test; they’re giving a hundred obese pregnant women the diabetes drug Metformin. It won't help the moms lose weight, but it should limit the amount of sugar they... More »

Pill May Slash Body Weight By a Quarter

Combination of hormones has a potent effect on mice

(Newser) - A drug that cut the body weight of mice by 25% is raising hopes for humans, the Daily Telegraph reports. The rodents lost 42% of their fat mass after a week, with even more powerful effects seen over a month. The pill combines hormones that have been found to weaken... More »

Dieting? Skip the Pricey Pills

No way around healthy eating and exercise

(Newser) - Now that Americans have had access to the first over-the-counter weight-loss drug for 18 months, we've become a lean, mean nation, right? Not so much, writes Debra Sherman for Reuters. It's true that Alli—$60 for a 30-day supply—gives users slightly better results, but they're probably not worth the... More »

New Treatment Resurrects Weight-Loss Drug

Leptin, once written off, could make comeback in combination treatment

(Newser) - Researchers may have found a way to treat obesity with leptin—the appetite-suppressant once hailed, then dismissed, as a cure to America’s bulging belly. An area of brain cells seemingly stressed by obesity allowed the obese to build up resistance to leptin, Reuters reports, but by injecting drugs to... More »

Scientists Slim Down, Speed Up Mice by Stripping Enzyme

Removing an enzyme triggered a speedier mouse metabolism

(Newser) - Australian scientists have made a breakthrough that could lead to treatments for obesity and diabetes, the BBC reports. Researchers removed an enzyme in fat cells of mice and found it sped up their metabolisms.  The mice with altered cells were an average of 20% lighter than normal mice and... More »

FDA Mandates Suicide Risk Assessment in Drug Trials

Danger doesn't lie only in antidepressants

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is now requiring drug companies to monitor suicide warning signs in clinical trials for experimental drugs, the New York Times reports. In the wake of studies showing that antidepressants might increase the risk of self-harm in children and teens, the agency is showing an awareness... More »

Diet Pills Make Slim Difference

Study shows meager 5% weight loss doesn't justify use of drugs, given side-effects

(Newser) - Diet pills are big business, but Canadian researchers have found that they result in only modest weight loss. In placebo-controlled trials, patients taking anti-obesity drugs orlistat, sibutramine and rimonabant lost more weight than those taking dummy pills, but barely. And the average weight loss was 5%, which experts say is... More »

8 Stories