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Google Ditches Mapmakers, Hires ... You?

Google ditches industry giant for user content, and others follow

(Newser) - Online maps that depend on user-generated content are growing at quite a clip, even threatening the more traditional purveyors of digital cartography. The famously canny Google marked the transition last month by dropping map company Tele Atlas from its US maps, opting to rely on free info provided by the... More »

Garmin Drops Out of Tele Atlas Bidding

GPS maker's shares soar after allowing rival TomTom to acquire map provider

(Newser) - Garmin, the world’s top GPS producer, dropped its $3.3 billion bid for mapmaker Tele Atlas yesterday, allowing rival TomTom to seal the deal. That may prove a long-term disadvantage for Garmin, but investors love the non-deal, sending shares up 16%, their best gain in five years. “There’... More »

2 Stories