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Recycled 'E-Waste' Can Be Toxic

Old TVs, PCs can pollute developing countries

(Newser) - Recycling old computers, cell phones, and TVs may sound like a good idea—but be sure you know the destination before you dump such material, USA Today advises. While such “e-waste” recycling programs are springing up everywhere these days, some pose a threat. Often, the materials end up in... More »

Cutting Back on E-Consumerism

PC World's Grant Gross joins activist online group

(Newser) - While many Americans spend big bucks online, some are using the Internet to tone down their consumerism. PC World's Grant Gross has joined a national group called the Compact, which encourages members to swear off buying new stuff whenever possible and stick to local products. It's a step "beyond... More »

China Still World's eWaste Dump

Discarded electronics sent to third world, raising environmental concerns

(Newser) - Discarded electronic have to go somewhere, and usually somewhere means China. For years environmentalists have decried China’s officially illegal but unofficially flourishing e-waste trade, but thousands of Chinese peasants are still melting wires and motherboards for metal, making scant spending money from greedy entrepreneurs. The results are undrinkable groundwater,... More »

3 Stories