wild hog

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Hunters Battle Invasion of Hungry Hogs

Tough, wily, feral swine are spreading fast through the US

(Newser) - Hog hunters are finding their services in demand as the wild beasts spread across the country, reports the New York Times. The porkers—descendants of pigs brought by Spanish explorers, escaped swine from farms, and wild boar released by hunters—weigh up to 400 pounds and cause around $800 million... More »

Boorish Boars Overrun Texas

Feral swine win out in war against humans

(Newser) - Everything's bigger in Texas, and the pig population is no exception. They aren't cute porkers, either—wild boars wreck crops and cause some $52 million in annual damages in the state. For some, that means an opportunity for heavy-duty huntin', but the solo efforts aren't enough to slow a wave... More »

2 Stories