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340-Ton Rock Embarking on Epic Journey

Boulder will travel 60 miles in nine days

(Newser) - When does it take nine days to travel 60 miles? When you’re towing a 21-foot-tall, 340-ton boulder. The solid piece of granite—known in Riverside, Calif., simply as “the rock”—is making the 60-mile journey from a quarry to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the... More »

California Fights Over State Rock

It contains asbestos, and lawmakers want to defrock it

(Newser) - You'd think California lawmakers would have enough to worry about, but then comes this: A pitched battle over the state rock. The serpentine has quietly held the title since 1965, explains the San Francisco Chronicle , but because it contains asbestos, lawmakers are considering a bill to defrock it as a... More »

Jim Morrison Is Not in This Photo

Chalk up ghostly image to wishful thinking

(Newser) - Jim Morrison is still dead. Repeat: Still dead. Unfortunately, and just in time for Halloween, researchers in a new book assert that an old photo taken of a visitor to Morrison's grave does indeed show the singer's ghostly image rising, complains Lou Carlozo. These supposed experts rule out weird lighting... More »

NASA's $19M Mission: Simulating Messy Moon Dust

(Newser) - With NASA hoping to set up a lunar outpost by 2020, an unlikely nuisance has become a hot commodity: moon dust. With only 227 pounds of the equipment-clogging stuff available for tests, NASA is pouring $19 million into faking it, the Wall Street Journal reports. "So many people need... More »

Mars Volta Shows Softer Side

Album still rocks, even pared-down

(Newser) - With the latest release, Mars Volta has lived up to its “best prog-rockers of 2008” title, writes Mike Ragogna for the Huffington Post. Octahedron “may bang a little less, but musically competes with most classic albums of that genre.” And—good news for anyone put-off by the... More »

Town Cranks Stones, Zeppelin to Fight Crickets

Up to mile-long swarms invade village regularly

(Newser) - A tiny Nevada town faces a yearly menace next month in the form of legions of crickets that can be a mile long and two miles across. Among the more unusual tools in their arsenal: rock music. Residents of Tuscarora swear it works, or at least helps, and are getting... More »

Sibling Rivalry Still Driving Van Halen

Eddie and Alex started young, and still finding ways to hold it together on tour

(Newser) - Eddie Van Halen took time out from touring to ruminate on the band and his guitar virtuosity with Rolling Stone. Turns out, the Van Halen brothers actually started out on opposite instruments: “I bought myself a drum kit, and my mom convinced my brother Alex to take flamenco-guitar lessons.... More »

7 Stories