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CBS Honcho Leslie Moonves May Be Next 'MeToo' Casualty

'New Yorker' to publish allegations of sexual misconduct regarding the CEO

(Newser) - Ronan Farrow, the journalist whose work helped bring down Harvey Weinstein , has another powerful figure in his sights: Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS. To be clear, the story in the New Yorker isn't out yet, but it's expected to be published Friday afternoon, per the Hollywood Reporter... More »

CBS News Names New Face the Nation Anchor

Margaret Brennan will replace John Dickerson

(Newser) - CBS News has named Margaret Brennan as moderator of the Sunday morning political talk show Face the Nation, replacing John Dickerson, the AP reports. Brennan has been one of the substitute moderators, along with Nancy Cordes and Major Garrett, since Dickerson left the Washington-based show to join CBS This Morning.... More »

Story About Iceland Sets Off Angry Debate Over Abortion

CBS explored the declining number of Down syndrome births

(Newser) - A story by CBS News about the declining number of Down syndrome births in Iceland has caused an uproar, with conservative critics accusing the story of celebrating abortion and others lashing out at Iceland itself. There's so much to unpack that even the myth-busting site Snopes has weighed in... More »

Scott Pelley Out at CBS; Megyn Kelly May Be Factor

He's moving to '60 Minutes,' as CBS worries about Kelly's new Sunday show

(Newser) - Scott Pelley is out as the anchor of CBS Evening News, and Megyn Kelly's anticipated new Sunday night show on NBC might have something to do with it. Kelly's show debuts this weekend, and a wary CBS is looking to beef up 60 Minutes, which runs at the... More »

Inspiring Wisdom From Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor

'It takes courage not to be discouraged': 97-year-old Ben Ferencz

(Newser) - He was front and center at what some call the biggest murder trial in history. That would be the Nuremberg hearings, which brought German SS soldiers forward to face the consequences for their role in the massacre of more than a million people outside of the concentration camps. Lesley Stahl... More »

CBS Sunday Morning's Longtime Star Retiring

Charles Osgood is leaving top-rated show after 22 years

(Newser) - Charles Osgood, who has said "good morning" to his audience every Sunday for 22 years, is about to say "goodbye" as host of CBS News Sunday Morning in September. He announced his scheduled Sept. 25 farewell on Sunday's edition, reports CBS News . That broadcast will be a... More »

Bob Schieffer Is Retiring

Veteran newsman says CBS is in a great place, he'll leave this summer

(Newser) - Most people don't keep the same spouse or home for nearly half a century, much less the same job, but veteran newsman Bob Schieffer has stuck it out with CBS News for 46 years. That's a run that will end this year, he announced at alma mater Texas... More »

O'Reilly to NYT Reporter: 'You Can Take It as a Threat'

Fox News host offers clips to defend reporting record

(Newser) - On his Fox News show yesterday, Bill O'Reilly again defended himself against reports that he misled the public about what he called his "war zone" experiences. This time, he used footage from his time at CBS News to back up his assertion of the danger he faced in... More »

Lara Logan Takes Leave After Botched Benghazi Report

'60 Minutes' reporter and her producer punished by CBS

(Newser) - Lara Logan is out at 60 Minutes, at least temporarily, because of her bogus piece on Benghazi, reports the Hollywood Reporter . CBS News, which has retracted and apologized for the story, says it forced Logan and producer Max McClellan to take a leave of absence of unspecified duration. Logan's... More »

Colbert Mocks 60 Minutes' Benghazi Flub

Brings on eyewitness to events of show's newsroom

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert last night lambasted 60 Minutes for its Benghazi coverage that resulted in an apology : "CBS fact-checked the story, but when it turned out to be wrong, they fact-checked it for realz, y'all," Colbert said. He then discussed Lara Logan's apology "at the very... More »

60 Minutes 'Very Sorry' for Bogus Report on Benghazi

Dylan Davies report continues to raise questions

(Newser) - After acknowledging 60 Minutes' " mistake " on CBS This Morning Friday, Lara Logan last night offered a full apology for the show's Benghazi reporting. Referring to the case of former security officer Dylan Davies, she said: "On Thursday night, when we discovered that the account he gave... More »

Obama 'Shuns' Fox at Press Conferences

ABC gets called on the most: study

(Newser) - Does President Obama play favorites with the press? A new study shows certain media outlets getting a healthy dose of attention at news conferences, while others—notably Fox News—receive less, Politico reports. Smart Politics finds that Fox is "still shunned" at the events; its reporters, the study says,... More »

New Bio: Cronkite Was on the Take

He accepted scads of free Pan Am trips, says Brinkley book

(Newser) - It seems our apparently squeaky-clean fatherly news king Walter Cronkite was not above accepting major freebies from none other than Pan Am. That's the dirt from a new biography on Cronkite, that claims he cut a deal in the 1970s with the airline to fly him, his family and... More »

GOP Debate's Clear Loser: CBS

Bachmann's torqued over misfired email, complaints abound

(Newser) - If Rick Perry was the big loser in Wednesday's debate , then last night's CBS/National Journal debate also has an official whipping boy: CBS. Michele Bachmann is ripping the network for the lack of time she got, and she's got ammunition in the form of an errant email... More »

Andy Rooney Dead at 92

60 Minutes commentator delivered final essay last month

(Newser) - Andy Rooney, the curmudgeonly commentator who spent more than 30 years wryly talking about the oddities of life for 60 Minutes, died last night at age 92. Just a month ago, Rooney delivered his last regular essay on the CBS newsmagazine. The network said he died in New York from... More »

Andy Rooney Ending Role on 60 Minutes

92-year-old has been contributor since 1978

(Newser) - Curmudgeon wanted: Andy Rooney is calling it quits from 60 Minutes, says CBS . The 92-year-old will announce the move at the end of this Sunday's essay, which the network notes will be No. 1,097 since 1978. Though a network fixture, Rooney has run into repeated criticism that he'... More »

Lara Logan: I Was Stripped, Nearly Scalped

More gruesome details from Lara Logan's sex assault by Egyptian mob

(Newser) - CBS correspondent Lara Logan was convinced she was dying as she was sexually molested by a crazed mob of Egyptian men, but was saved at the last minute by a woman wearing a burka. All she could see was "just her eyes," she said on 60 Minutes last... More »

Is This Man Replacing Katie Couric?

CBS sources tell TMZ Scott Pelley is the future anchor

(Newser) - Drumroll please: Katie Couric's replacement at CBS Evening News will be ... Scott Pelley. At least, if TMZ is to be believed (and remember, the gossip site did scoop the world on Michael Jackson's death and the Obamas' dog ). CBS network sources say Pelley, a veteran journalist and 60 Minutes... More »

Latest Casualty of World's Upheaval: Media Budgets

From Libya to Japan, the money's running out

(Newser) - There’s been a lot of news around the world in 2011—too much, in fact, for some news organizations to handle. Japan, Libya, and Egypt have stretched already tight cable and broadcast news budgets to the breaking point, The Wrap reports. “We've already had a year's worth of... More »

Lara Logan Out of Hospital

CBS reporter resting at home with family after Egypt assault

(Newser) - One bit of good news in the Lara Logan story: She's out of the hospital and resting at home in Washington, DC, with her husband and two children, reports ABC News . The 39-year-old CBS journalist was earlier said to be in "remarkably good spirits" despite her sexual assault and... More »

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