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GOP Debate's Clear Loser: CBS

Bachmann's torqued over misfired email, complaints abound

(Newser) - If Rick Perry was the big loser in Wednesday's debate , then last night's CBS/National Journal debate also has an official whipping boy: CBS. Michele Bachmann is ripping the network for the lack of time she got, and she's got ammunition in the form of an errant email... More »

Here's Palin's 'Corrupt Bastards' Tape

Voicemail features voices talking about how to bring Joe Miller Down

(Newser) - Sarah Palin took to the airwaves and the Internet today to rail against a tape that allegedly shows workers for an Alaskan CBS affiliate plotting how to portray Joe Miller negatively. The tape, a voicemail a KTVA news producer inadvertently left for a Miller campaign spokesman, features voices talking about... More »

TV Writer's Real Genius May Lie in the Fine Print

In brief post-sitcom flash, CBS shows Lorre's public journal

(Newser) - Television viewers are familiar with "vanity cards," the industry term for images crediting a production company at a show's end. But the cards at two CBS sitcoms are different: Producer Chuck Lorre uses the instant of screen time for a changing public diary, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

TV Nets Hope Games Will Hook Viewers

CBS multimedia contest offered clues online and off

(Newser) - TV networks are using scavenger hunt-style games to attract viewers to their shows. Hundreds of players searched for clues online and offline, including on billboards in San Francisco and Minnesota, to crack a game linked to the CBS show "Numb3rs" last month. The network plans to promote more shows... More »

News Writers Vote to Strike CBS

Union aims to kick start negotiations

(Newser) - Some 500 CBS News writers and other staffers are threatening to join Hollywood writers on the picket line. News writers, graphic artists, researchers and other network  employees who are members of the Writers Guild of America have voted by a huge majority to authorize a strike against the company, the... More »

5 Stories