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One Drink Makes You Hot, 2 Drinks Makes You ... Not

Facial attractiveness rating goes down after 2 drinks: scientists

(Newser) - Watch too many YouTube videos and you may come away with the impression that the more you drink, the more attractive you'll become to other people. But new research out of the University of Bristol suggests that to keep your good looks through others' eyes, it may be necessary... More »

How's the Weather in Mordor? Think Texas

Scientists release Tolkien climate study in Elvish, Dwarvish, too

(Newser) - If you're planning a trip to Mordor, you'd be well-advised to check the weather in West Texas. The two areas have similar climates, say scientists in Britain who have determined the likely climate across JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth, releasing their results in Elvish and Dwarvish , along with... More »

Mom Gets Trachea Grown From Own Stem Cells

Organ grown with patient's stem cells

(Newser) - In a frontier-busting surgery, transplant doctors have given a young woman a trachea developed in a lab using the patient's own stem cells. Stem cells from the patient's trachea and bone marrow were used to create a new rejection-proof organ in the surgery, performed in Spain in June, reports the... More »

Arachnophobia! 8-Foot Fossil Scorpion Is Biggest Bug

Creepy swam sea with other giant crawlies

(Newser) - Scientists digging in Germany have found the fossilized claw of what is thought to be the largest bug ever to roam the earth—or, in the case of this 400-million-year-old scorpion, to navigate the seas. The eight-foot-long arachnid is an "amazing discovery" that highlights the remarkable sizes of ancient... More »

4 Stories