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Rejected by US, Accepted by Canada: 'I'm Finally Home'

Refugee who lost all his fingers on trek north will be able to stay in Canada

(Newser) - A Ghanaian refugee who lost all his fingers to frostbite after his Christmas Eve journey to Canada wept with joy after learning he would not be sent back to his homeland, where he fears persecution for being bisexual. Canada's refugee board has accepted the asylum claim of Seidu Mohammed,... More »

20 Dead After Freak Accident at Waterfall

The victims were mostly high school students

(Newser) - It's one of Ghana's top tourist draws, and on Sunday, the scene of a freak tragedy. Some 20 high school students were killed at the Kintampo waterfalls when a tree or trees (media reports differ on the number) fell at the top of the falls and toppled on... More »

Refugees Will Lose Fingers After Christmas Eve Flight to Canada

They trudged through waist-deep snow for up to 10 hours

(Newser) - A bisexual man who feared for his life in Ghana will lose his fingers and a toe after walking hours through snow and freezing weather on Christmas Eve toward what he hoped would be refuge in Canada, the Canadian Press reports. According to CBC , 24-year-old Seidu Mohammed arrived in the... More »

Fake US Embassy Issued Visas for 10 Years

And the US visas handed out by phony Ghana operation were very real

(Newser) - All it takes to convince people you're a US Embassy is an American flag, a picture of President Obama, and a whole lot of visas—at least in Ghana, where a ramshackle building in Accra housed a phony embassy really run by organized crime members from Ghana and Turkey,... More »

Boy Becomes Meme, Helps Spark Village Fundraiser

Jake's story is finally being told

(Newser) - It was a photo shared 'round the world: a little boy, said to be from South Africa, drawing with utter concentration. People sharing it joked he was, for example, a grouchy driving instructor or perhaps a stern security guard . The story behind the image was unclear—until now, reports... More »

Guy Gets Crowned King, Keeps on Landscaping

He says he is proud to work for his boss in Canada, lead his people in Ghana

(Newser) - Eric Manu moved from Ghana to British Columbia in 2012 after marrying a Canadian woman he'd met at home, and he began to work as a landscaper. But his uncle, who had served as chief of their tribe, died a few years ago at age 67, and Manu was... More »

Landscaper Leaving Canada to Become a King in Ghana

'OK. No problem. I will talk to my boss'

(Newser) - A 32-year-old landscaper is leaving Canada to become the king of a 6,000-person tribe in Ghana, the National Post reports. Eric Manu—who's been living in British Columbia for the past three years—got the surprising phone call in July. “So I said, ‘OK. No problem.... More »

Report: 130 Chinese Firms Export Torture Gear

Amnesty International identifies 'intrinsically cruel' equipment

(Newser) - Chinese firms are widely and in many cases "openly" distributing devices that can readily be used for torture, Amnesty International says in a new report. The number of companies involved has surged from 28 to more than 130 in the past decade, the activist organization notes, and most of... More »

200 Soccer Fans Seek Asylum in Brazil

1K more Ghanians expected to apply

(Newser) - Ghana's World Cup team went home without having won any of its three games in Brazil (though it did tie Germany), but a few hundred of its fans want to stay behind permanently. Brazilian authorities say 200 Ghanians who entered the country on tourist visas for the tournament have... More »

Delta's 'Ghana Giraffe' Ignites Twitter Fury

There are no giraffes in Ghana

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines is getting an earful from the Internet over a postgame tweet. After the US beat Ghana in yesterday's World Cup match, Delta congratulated the American team with a pair of pictures, since deleted but viewable here . One showed the Statue of Liberty with the US score;... More »

US' World Cup Draw Is Horrific

They'll have to face Germany, Portugal, and Ghana

(Newser) - The World Cup 2014 draw was today, and it did not go well for the US. It seems the good old USA will have to face off against Germany, Portugal, and perhaps most terrifyingly of all, Ghana, in Group G, in what commentators are widely calling the "group of... More »

Death Toll in Ghana Building Collapse Hits 4

23 survivors pulled from rubble so far: BBC

(Newser) - The top floors of a five-story shopping center in Ghana's capital city of Accra collapsed today, leaving four dead and dozens trapped in the rubble, reports the BBC . Rescue workers have freed 23 survivors so far, says a correspondent on the scene, but dozens may still be stuck beneath... More »

Crown Jewels From Ghana Snatched in Hotel Lobby

King's rep shrugs off theft as 'not such a big deal'

(Newser) - Even a king has to keep an eye on his luggage, apparently. King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of Ghana was visiting Norway this week when some of his family's crown jewels were snatched from a hotel lobby in Oslo, the BBC reports. Police say they have "good" surveillance... More »

Ghana Prez Dies Unexpectedly

Obama, in 2009 visit, called Ghana model for democracy, growth

(Newser) - Just five months before finishing his first term in office, Ghana's President John Atta Mills died unexpectedly yesterday in a military hospital in Accra, reports the New York Times . Few official details were released about Mills' death, which occurred just two days after his 68th birthday, although reportedly he... More »

Widows' Plight: Beatings, Sex With Strangers

Hubby's death just the start of pain

(Newser) - Newly widowed women in Kenya must have unprotected sex with a stranger to "purify" themselves, and in Bangladesh their only hope is to turn to their sons for economic support—if they're lucky enough to have any. In many parts of the world, the pain of losing a husband... More »

US vs. Ghana: It's an Even Money Bet

US has stronger ranking, but it's the 'away' team

(Newser) - When the US takes the field against Ghana Saturday afternoon in the next round of the World Cup, it'll be a toss-up on whether they'll advance. So says stats guru Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight , who crunches numbers with ESPN on a Soccer Power Index . It's true that USA has a... More »

$5M African Leadership Prize Goes to ... Nobody

Committee passes over all three candidates, doesn't award $5M to any

(Newser) - Nobody has won this year's $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, the committee responsible for picking a winner announced today. That’s an enormous snub to the people eligible for the award, who include former heads of state Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria,... More »

'What I Did Over Summer Break,' by Sasha, Malia

From Kremlin to Paris and slave port, first kids get quite an education

(Newser) - Sasha and Malia Obama might not be in school, but their summer vacation has been anything but lazy—the girls have seen the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin, and Monticello as part of what the first lady calls “Camp Obama." And though there’s been plenty of fun, such... More »

UK Slammed for Dumping Toxic Waste in Developing World

(Newser) - Britain is accused of flouting international law by dumping toxic industrial and medical waste in Brazil and Ghana, the Times of London reports. Brazilian authorities were outraged to find over 1,000 tons of hazardous waste in 90 shipping containers labeled as holding recyclable plastic. "It is disgraceful that... More »

Beat the Crowds to Ghana

(Newser) - President Obama's visit has put Ghana in the spotlight and anybody planning to follow in his footsteps should aim to visit while it's still off the beaten track, travel consultants tell Forbes. The West African country surrounded by volatile neighbors has long been considered a peaceful "diamond in the... More »

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